🖐 Younglings of the galaxy, Hi Yoda
    Each day, Remote/Online Learning instructions are shared in Google classroom (under Remote/Online Learning Plans; with detailed instructions and resources) and on this web page (on Calendar; only title of assignments shared) by 10 AM. You are all already in my Google classroom however, if you would like to get the class code again, check out the tab on the left (new codes shared on Friday 5/1/20). 
    Each day's assignment must be completed
    before the end of that day.
    If you have any questions,
    1) please email me: eju@hamilton.k12.nj.us, or 
    2) leave a stream in Google classroom, or
    3) write a comment under a specific assignment, or
    4) message me via google hangouts.
    I will be available from 10 AM to 2 PM
    Monday through Friday(More details on
    specific hours for each class in google classroom)
    Algebra students, make sure you are using the correct link below (and again here - HERE) for Pearson textbook. 
    ** Please check Google Classroom for details **
    Day 51 (Monday 6/1/20) assignments are posted.
    Day 52 (Tuesday 6/2/20) assignments are posted.
    Day 53 (Wednesday 6/3/20) assignments are posted.
    Day 54 (Thursday 6/4/20) assignments are posted.
    Day 55 (Friday 6/5/20) is WIN day.
    Pure mathematics is, in its way, 
    the poetry of logical ideas.
    Albert Einstein
  • Algebra 1 Pearson Textbook Shortcut

    The link to your Pearson Online Textbook has changed. Click HERE to access our textbook online. You must log in using your Google account (not the account info given on first day, it is newly set up for us), then click on Pearson SuccessNet on the right side menu. This direct link to the textbook can also be found in Resources tab. 

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  • Imagine Math

    Continue working on Imagine Math for further practice in areas you struggle with. Donate your THINK points to charity or upgrade your avatar! 

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  • Homework

    You will find your daily homework assignments on this website (main page and calendar), mentioned multiple times in class, written on the chalkboard and you can also ask your classmates. You should have no reason to not know what the homework is and ask to be excused.

    DO NOT GIVE UP even if you get stuck!!!!!!! Keep trying!!! You must show me that you have at least attempted them. 

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