Nurse's Corner

  • Mary Sutton, RN, BSN, Certified School Nurse
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    Fax: 609-631-4193

    Important Information

    Immunizations: All students must comply with New Jersey State immunization requirements or they will be excluded from school. Immunizations records are kept on file in the Nurse’s Office for each active student. All new or re-entry students are seen by the school nurse to determine the student’s immunization status. Please supply the school nurse with annual/updated physicals and any new immunizations.

    Medications: No medications, including over the counter, may be taken in school by a student or administered by the school nurse without proper authorization. Medication forms must be completed by the physician and parent. If the student must self-medicate such as an asthma inhaler or Epipen, a self-medication form must be completed by the parent. These forms can be downloaded below.

    Sports: Any HEP student that would like to play a sport will need to see the school nurse and HEP administration to determine eligibilty.

    In order to participate in a school sport, the student must be properly registered with the coach and must see the school nurse. The school nurse will determine if the student has a current physical on file. Physicals are good for one year (365 days). If you are planning to participate in a sport and have had a physical which is current, you still need to fill out a Health History Update and a Permission Slip. As a result of a State Mandate, requirements for sport physicals have changed. Students must have their physical performed at their “medical home” (personal physician or certified nurse practitioner). For students without medical insurance, please contact the school nurse.

    Please note the following important information regarding sport physicals.

    • All physicals must be completed using the forms provided by the school:
    • Part A: Health History Questionnaire, to be completed by parent/guardian and reviewed by the doctor completing the physical.
    • Part B: Physical Evaluation Form, to be completed by the physician/health care provider. This form must have the physician’s stamp on it. No other forms will be accepted.
    • All Physicals must be reviewed by the school physician, per regulation. Therefore, they must be submitted by the assigned school deadline.