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    Welcome 4V News!

    Language Arts: This year we will continue to work on making connections, forming inferences,  synthesizing new information, and using fix-up strategies to deepen our understanding of the texts we are reading.  Please continue to work on spelling and vocabulary words every week and to read each night.  During the course of the year we will read about 10 novels.  They will increase in complexity as the year continues. 

    Science: We just finished an exciting unit on Volcanoes.  What causes volcanoes and why they are found in certain areas.  With lots of hands on activities we worked our way through all the causes. What a fun way to start our year long investigation into science. We are now working on how the Earth changes over time.  Next we will work on erosion.  During the year we will work on the following units: plate tectonics and natural disasters, forces and motions, engineering design with force and motion, and waves and information.

     Math:  During unit 1 in math we will work on place value and adding subtracting multi digit numbers.  Throughout the year we will work on solving multi-step word problems.  Unit 2 focuses on multiplying two digit by two digit numbers and one times three digit numbers.  Unit 3 focuses on long division.  Unit four we will be learning how to write situation and solution equations.  We will also be using algebraic notation.  Unit 5 focuses on metric and standard measurement.  Units six and seven focus on fractions and decimals.  We then end the year focusing on geometry.

    Social Studies:  In social studies we will start the year reviewing continents, oceans, latitude and longitude.  Next, we learn the difference between Federal, State, and local government.  After that we study the five regions of the United States.  We finish off the year learning about New Jersey.

    Writing:  To start the year off we are learning how to write complete sentences using details and correct puncuation.  Our first writing assignment will focus on writing a story and the we will focus on a personal narrative.  After that we will write a persuasive essay.  later on in the year we will focus on poetry and finish with a research paper on a state.