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    It's SHARK WEEK!

    *This week we will be completing the activities for week 10 and 11. Our theme will be SHARKS!!  Your child will receive lessons about Sharks in most areas of the curriculum.   I will be emailing you with your child's Google Meet lesson times.  I will be available M-Th through email from 10 am until 2 pm. 


    Parent Newsletter 

    *Guidance Lesson This Week: LUNCH BUNCH IS CANCELLED FOR TODAY 5/26

    Guidance Lesson 5/26

     This will take you to Mrs. Walter's website.  Click on grade to assignments for this week.

      *These are the assignments for Week TEN and ELEVEN of Remote Learning.  

    Kzim reading Reading

    • Raz Kids – Read and take the quiz for the assigned SHARK story. Record the story for me to listen to. 
    • Log on to Raz Kids 
    1. Teacher User name: kzimmerman20
    2. Select your name and enter password
    3. Select Reading
    4. Select My Assignments
    5. Listen to the story
    6. Read the story and record. (Click the microphone above the story and begin reading. If you do not see the microphone, click the white arrow above the book to show the microphone. Hit the square to stop recording. You can also listen to yourself read by clicking the green arrow)Take the quiz. (Remember to look back in the story to help you answer the questions.)

    Math  Math                 

    (If your child has the workbook you may use those pages. The pages have also been sent as an attachment.)

    SHARK GRAPHING: Complete the following Shark Graphing pages:  1-3 (pg. for is the key for pg. 3)

    Shark Graphing

      Shark  Science:

    • Choose a shark to research that you were assigned on Epic.
    • View Shark videos on Shark Academy (Search Shark Academy Videos on YouTube)
    • Use your book and other information about your shark on the internet to take notes about the shark to use in the writing activity. Click on the following Shark powerpoint to view some information about the different sharks.
    • Sharks Pwrpt If this link does not work, try accessing it on my Google Classroom page.  It is titled Shark Powerpoing (View Only)



    •  There will not be Spanish assignments in weeks 10/11. 



    • Write a report about the shark that you did research on for science.
    • Ideas to include in your report:
    1. Introduction: tell the name of your shark and why you chose it.
    2. Description: What does the shark look like? Weigh? Length?
    3. Lifecycle
    4. Habitat: Where does the shark lives?
    5. Enemies and hunting: Does the shark have any enemies and what does it hunt (diet)?
    6. What interesting facts did you learn about the shark?
    7. Conclusion: Write a sentence to sum up your report.
    • Report should be written in Google Classroom.  The report should be written as a research essay.  They do not need to make paragraphs for each area. 

    Enrichment Activities:  

     Disney!! Click link:

    Disney Virtual Field Trip

    San Diego Zoo!  Click link:

    SanDiego Zoo

    National Parks!  Click link:

    National Parks Slime in Space!

    Slime in Space Smithsonian Museum of Natural History! 


    Makers Space Stem activities:  Create something

    Epic Books   Click on 'Students' tab.  Choose books to read or listen to.  You can also access through Clever.  Class Code: hvn6611

    Virtual Field Trips Click on the links to visit different places.  Happy Traveling!

    Live Animal Cams Live animal cams

    NASA Kids' Club 5,4,3,2,1 Blast Off!  

    Coding.org Brush up on your coding skills

    Art for Kids Hub Youtube channel for kids to search for anything to draw.

    Pigeon Presents  Lunch Doodles with author Mo Willems





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