• Classroom News


     What's happening in C100?

    • Please return any important papers and sign on to the online backpack to fill out the necessary school forms!
    • Feel free to donate a box of tissues or a roll of paper towels to our class!
    • Please check and empty your child's folder daily!

    Other Updates and Reminders!

    • Don't forget Mr. Inno's favorite saying, "Work hard, play hard!"
    • Remember to encourage a Growth Mindset at home and help us reinforce this way of thinking! It is beneficial for everyone!
    • Don't forget to join the PTA!
    • Don't forget to check out our homework page for the homework schedule and project updates!
  • Recommended Reading Practices


    Reading should never be treated as a chore or consequence!!!

    "You NEED to read!"

    "You did not do what I asked, so go to your room and read!"

    "Because you watched too much TV, you now have to read for the rest of the night"

    Always focus on reading as a positive!

    →Use my Recommended Reading List for a variety of books that are on your child's reading level.  It is so important that your child explores books that are on or around their level so that they are gaining the most out of what they are reading! 

    →Your child should be reading books on their level, one level above (for a challenge), AND one level below (to sit back and relax).

    →It is also so important that your child is exposed to a variety of Genres (Fiction, Non-fiction, Fantasy, Folktale, Mystery, Humor, ect.).  We want children to ENJOY reading, so in order to do so, they need to become familiar with many different "types" of books.

    Click the link below for a list of leveled books according to DRA level


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  • Specials Schedule






  • Behavior Plan

    Below you will find our class behavior plan! This is a way for the children to take notice of and evalutate their daily behavior and overall attitude. It resembles a "ladder" in that they all start off in the middle and have the opportunity to move up or down depending on their individual behaviors. The children also can earn Dojo points for working hard and following the classroom Rules of Respect. Whoever has the most points at the end of the week becomes our new student of the week for the following school week! Everyone gets to cash in their Dojo points on Friday for things from the prize box or for special privledges like lunch with the teacher! We also put a lot of emphasis on the behavior of the whole class as a group as well. The children earn marbles each day for working together and following our classroom rules! Once the jar is filled up, they get to choose from a variety of whole class rewards. I also expect the children to behave in specials. Upon returning to class, they will get earn a whole punch. Once they have filled up their cards, they may chose a special reward.

    Behavior Ladder

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.