ID Badge Information

  • The next ID photo session will take place on Monday, March 9th from 2:45 to 4:30 PM at the HTV studios. For all other ID badge questions, please see the following information:


    ID Request Forms: ID Request forms can be found in your Main Office. ID Request forms MUST BE SIGNED BY AN ADMINISTRATOR. No ID Badge will be issued without a completed ID Request form.
    Replacement ID Badges: If you have lost your ID Badge or need a correction to your current badge (name change, title change, etc.) simply fill out an ID Request form and send it through interoffice mail to HTV. A new badge will be sent to you. ID Request forms MUST be signed by a building administrator.
    Swipe Card/Building Access Issues: If you are having any issues accessing your building(s) with your ID badge or need to modify which buildings you have access to, please submit a Technology Department Work Order through your Main Office including the 6 digit code on the back of your swipe card: 
    6 digit code
    New ID Badges: New employees and employees who have never received an ID badge should report to a scheduled ID photo session to receive an ID Badge. Employees must bring their license (or other picture ID) and a completed ID Request form to the photo session in order to receive a new ID Badge.
    Updated Pictures: Employees who have previously received an ID badge, but would like a new picture, should report to a scheduled ID photo session with a completed ID request form.
    ID Photo Sessions: ID photo sessions are generally scheduled for every other Monday from 2:45 to 4:30 PM at the HTV Studios. Individuals must provide a driver’s license or other photo ID and a completed ID Request form before receiving their Employee IDs.
    HTV Location: HTV is located in the back of room C-1 at Steinert High School, 2900 Klockner Road. It's best to use the Steinert Faculty Parking Lot entrance off of Yardville-Hamilton Square Road. From the Faculty parking lot enter the building through the Main doors (near the Driver's Education trailer), make a left, and room C-1 will be on your left.


     DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL HTV FOR REPLACEMENT ID BADGES!! Only ID request forms will be honored.