Guidance General Information

  • Welcome  to the Guidance Department of Nottingham High School

    Contact information:  
    Phone: 609-631-4161
    Fax: 609-631-4182

    Ms. Ann Marie Schiavoni, Department Chairperson                                              
    ext. 3248                                                        

    Ms. Gina Carter, Guidance Counselor
    ext. 3242 

    Ms. Ramona Chell, Guidance Counselor                                                                    
    ext. 3245                                                        

    Mrs. Carina Foushee, Guidance Counselor
    ext. 3240                                                        

    Mrs. Illiona Okereke, Guidance Counselor                                                                
    ext. 3244                                                        

    Mr. Jon Schwartz, Guidance Counselor                                                                    
    ext. 3247                                                        

    At Nottingham, the guidance program is a many faceted one which is integrated into all phases of the curriculum and school community. The program assists pupils in developing their potential academically, socially and physically.


    As you enter 9th grade, you are assigned a guidance counselor who will serve as your advisor throughout your high school years.  Your counselor will help you choose your courses for each year, focusing on your ability and your career plans.

    Your counselor will help to monitor your progress in coordination with your teachers. YOU, however, are the key to your success in high school. Consistent effort and dedication will make your high school life rewarding and enjoyable.

    When you need help, you are encouraged to see your guidance counselor. Your counselor will help with the academic demands of high school and the social adjustment to high school. In addition, you will meet Peer Leades, who are available to help as you transition to high school.  

    Northstar parents:

    We welcome the opportunity to work with you as your child reaches his/her potential in high school. Please feel free to contact the guidance department and your child's counselor with questions and concerns.  If you cannot reach your child's counselor, please redial 609-631-4161 and choose 3 at the prompt.  Our guidance secretaries can help you reach your child's counselor.