Vice Principal's Message

  • 7 Things Every Kid Needs to Hear


    Reynolds Middle School has a student body comprising more than 900 students. We, the Reynolds Staff, understand that each of these children are unique in their needs, interests, and characteristics. Our goal is to make the Reynolds educational experience meaningful and enjoyable for each and every student. Recent educational research has identified four learning styles, seven multiple intelligences, and the concept of the "Inner Curriculum." These concepts tell us how very diverse students are as they enter the classroom. Keeping this research in mind, we at Reynolds seek to provide educational opportunities that are stimulating, challenging, and rewarding.

    How then can we address the mandates of the New Jersey Learning Standards (NJLS), the New Jersey State Assessment (NJSLA), and the rigid requirements of the Hamilton Township Board of Education while still honoring each individual student? The answer is easy. Reynolds students arrive on each school day eager to learn. This is because they come from caring parents who want the best for their students.

    Additionally, Reynolds students are excited about learning because they know that they are coming to a school where highly motivated, dedicated, and masterful teachers are ready to teach in a very caring way. Students also know the benefits of a professional support staff ready to make the students' day a smooth running and enjoyable one. We believe the Reynolds experience will manifest a student who has developed a love of learning, a compassion for others, and the academic, social, physical, and emotional skills necessary for future success.

    If you have concerns pertaining to the following items, please contact my office at extension #3569:

    1. Scheduling

    2. After-School Tutoring

    3. HIB

    4. Day to Day classroom or discipline concerns