Principal's Message


    Every Child Needs a Champion


    Welcome to Reynolds Middle School! We are located in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, which is a suburb of Trenton and Princeton. We are approximately a one hour's drive from Philadelphia and the New York metropolitan area. Reynolds serves grades six through eight with a student population of approximately 900 students.

    We are part of the eighth largest school district in the state with three high schools, three middle schools and seventeen elementary schools. A staff of more than 100 professionals provide a team approach in offering an exciting program for our students. They are exposed to a variety of academic and technological courses including the new district-wide initiative on laptops in the classroom. Site programs such as iReady (ELA) and Imagine Math (Math) are also intregrated into the curriculum for tracking students growth over time and diagnosing areas in need of help.  These tools align nicely with our teachers' detailed lesson planning and the required state standards. 

    During our nine period day, students take 80-minute blocks of Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, along with Physical Education and Health. Depending on the student's grade level, cycle classes also are offered in Music, Art, Foreign Languages, and Applied Technology. In addition, Reynolds provides a wide assortment of extracurricular activities and a newly organized after-school sports program.

    Every student at Reynolds Middle School has the opportunity to be educated by a very dedicated group of teachers who have set a goal that insures that their students are getting a quality education. Students must set realistic goals to help them succeed. They should set goals and then develop a strategy that will help them earn better grades. If a problem arises along the way, students should speak to an adult so a solution can be discussed. Sometimes students make wrong decisions. My message is not to let a temporary setback affect your chances for success. If students, teachers, parents and administrators work together, we can make Reynolds Middle School shine!  

    "Remember, you can make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!"   -D. Bacsik