• RAZ-KIDS Assignments

    1) Click the following link:  Raz-Kids

    2) Click the green box:  KIDS LOGIN

    3) Type in:  JBeckRoom3

    4) Click your child's name and the picture for their password.  This can be located on the card attached to your Raz-Kids paper

    Once you are in, click on "Flight Check".  Record your child's reading via microphone if possible.  If not, I will set up a time to video chat a reading session this week.

    Monday's assignment is only to complete the "Flight Check" in addition to the other phonics and reading assignments provided in your child's folder.

    Tuesday's - Friday's assignments will be posted Monday night so work is done accordingly.  


    If you cannot login or have difficulty, please e-mail me at JBeck@hamilton.k12.nj.us  .