• Hello Langtree Strings Students, Parents and Guardians,


    As you prepare for the various aspects of your Remote Learning, you'll soon realize that, for OUR class, there isn't much difference with what you've already been doing at home, with what you'll need to do for your remote practicing!



    Musical Greetings, Everyone!

    I'm excited to inform everyone that we will be continuing the "LIVE LESSONS" through the end of the school year. A "Live Lesson" is a one-on-one lesson to help if you need a little extra guidance on your instrument. If you're struggling with a certain song, or have fingering questions, etc. We are accepting requests now on the Remind app. Just send a request with your students' name over Remind to start the scheduling process. Please do this by Noon each Thursday to be scheduled for a lesson the next week. Once the week is scheduled, you will receive a Google Meet link on the STUDENT'S school Google calendar and time to join your lesson on the scheduled day. (Unless told otherwise, your "Live Lesson" will take place on your normally-scheduled lesson day when school was in session inside the building.) If you are not seeing the requested Google Meet link on your student calendar by Friday afternoon, please check to make sure you have the student's SCHOOL-CREATED Google account open (not a parent Google account), and check in the student's Google calendar. If a parent account was open, please log out and log into the student account. (You may also have to clear your browser cache.)

    Instructions on how to sign up for our Remind app may be found on my main teacher page.

    I'm looking forward to hosting these one-on-one lessons! Please take advantage of the opportunity. (A "Live Lesson" will fulfill the weekly video requirement. You won't need to send in a video the week you have a one-on-one lesson!)



    Hello Everyone! I hope you're all still doing well and staying safe! The performance videos that you've been sending me are wonderful! Please continue to send a video of any one of your three performance songs every week by Friday (the song is your choice, but please mix them up so you're not sending me the same song every week!) Just a "heads up" that you can send ANY DAY of that week, and I will mark it down that your work has been completed for that week!



    Yes, yes we do! I've had a few parents ask me about seeing if there was a video available on tuning, and our School District has made a number of videos available for just this purpose. Have a look at this link:


    Next, let's put the instruments down in order to have a bit of fun! Here's a couple of links provided by our District to help you with your listening skills, but in a FUN and INFORMATIVE way! (If you get a message that "Flash is out of date", please have your parents help you update your Flash file on your computer!) We'll provide more links for the next update!







    Lastly, here's a video of two 12-year olds, Mirko and Valerio, from Sicily, Italy, playing Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" on their violins! Take a look at how they're holding their instruments... hand on bows... chins on chinrests... how their left elbows are positioned AWAY from their bodies as they play! Great video and a great song!!

    Well, that's it for now. Keep sending your weekly videos in and stay safe!

    Mr. Maher




    Starting the week of March 30th, students will need to email a video of one song from their list of concert songs by each Friday (except the week of Spring Break).

    Videos can be made right from a cellphone and emailed directly to with the student's name. (If the video file is too large, please send via the Remind app. Info may be found regarding Remind signups on my main teacher page.) ***Please do not take a HD video, as these are not necessary! The first video should be sent by Friday, April 3rd, and then re-started again after Spring Break, by Friday, April 17th. Videos may be sent ANY DAY of each week starting each Monday.

    I hope you're all doing well, and I can't wait to see the progress you've all made in the videos!

    Mr. Maher



    All STUDENTS should already be doing, or involved in the following:

    -Practicing at LEAST three times a week, for twenty minutes per practice.

    -Have parents/guardians help download a free tuner app on a phone or tablet. I recommend "Tuner T1". Practice tuning your instrument! Violin strings, from left to right (as you look at the strings) are G, D, A, E. Viola and Cello strings from left to right (as you look at the strings) are C, G, D, A.

    -(Do you HAVE to tune an instrument before playing? Short answer.... ABSOLUTELY!!! Your instrument will not play correctly i.e. the notes will not be correct on the strings if the instrument is not in tune! Just don't overtighten the strings! (If one breaks, pick a new one up at the music store.)

    -Practice your "D Major" scale, and ALL THREE SONGS that your group will be performing at your concert.


    CONCERT SONGS (from Essential Elements Book 1... practice ALL THREE SONGS EVERY TIME YOU PRACTICE AT HOME):

    Groups A-D will be playing "Lightly Row" (Page 25, #91), "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" (Page 14, #42) & "Ode to Joy" (Page 23, #86)

    Group E will be playing "Can-Can" (Page 25, #92), "Variations On a Familiar Song" (Page 35 #142) & "Ode to Joy" (Page 23, #86)

    Groups F-H will be playing "Arkansas Traveler" (Page 40, #168), "Simple Gifts" (Page 45, #192) & "Ode to Joy" (Page 23, #86)


    Our CONCERT is scheduled for Monday, May 11th at Crockett Middle School. Reporting time is 6:15 pm. Concert dress is "black-n-whites" (black bottoms with a white shirt, or a black-n-white dress).


    PARENTS should sign up for our free Langtree Elementary Strings Class Remind for the latest information regarding homework, practicing and the upcoming concert. You'll see the Class Remind Signup if you go back one page.


    ANY OTHER QUESTIONS? Please feel free to contact me! My email is 

    Let's work together to make this a rewarding experience for all involved! Happy practicing!


    Musically yours,


    Mr. Maher

    Director of Bands and Instrumental Music

    Hamilton Township School District