• Hello  2nd Grade Families,


    The 2nd Grade Teachers here at Langtree have compiled a list of work for your children to do while our school is closed. This is called a remote learning plan and will help your child keep up with their coursework while they are home.  We have made lesson plans for each week so your child knows what he/she needs to complete. This coursework consists of much of our daily classwork. Please make sure that all of this work is returned complete. It will be assessed upon return to school.  While school is closed, Mrs. Dudeck, Mrs. Molnar and Mrs. Schintzler will be available to answer any questions you might have about the coursework every weekday between 10am and 2pm. You can reach us via email. We look forward to your cooperation to ensure that all of our students are keeping up with their learning during our time apart.


    Thank you for your continued support.


    The Langtree 2nd Grade Teachers

    Mrs. Dudeck, Mrs. Molnar, and Mrs. Schintzler






    Second Grade Instructions for Remote Learning

    (To be used with folder sent home with your child.)



    Week 1

    Read, discuss and answer the questions at the end of each story.

    1. Making an Indoor Garden
    2. Owney The Dog Who Rode the Trains
    3. How an Apple Saved the Princess
    4. The Red and Yellow Coat
    5. Flying Dreams

    Week 2

    Read and answer question for the following texts

    1. Sue the Dinosaur
    2. Boots and the Troll
    3. Kate Skates
    4. Spacesuits and Spaceships
    5. Space Center Houston 



    Week 1

    Students will complete the following lessons.

    1. Lesson 17 pages 432-433
    2. Lesson 18 pages 434-435
    3. Lesson 19 pages 436-437
    4. Lesson 20 pages 438-439
    5. Lesson 21 page 440-441 


    Week 2

    1.  Lesson 22 pages 442-443
    2. Lesson 23 pages 444-445
    3. Lesson 24 pages 446-447
    4. Lesson 25 pages 448-449
    5. Lesson 26 pages 450-451

    Writing Prompt/Self Edit/Picture

    Students will respond to the following prompt. The students should write one paragraph with at least 7 sentences using details. 


    Week 1

    Writing Prompt: The best part of being home is…

    1. Brainstorm
    2. Rough draft
    3. Edit
    4. Final Copy
    5. Picture


    Week 2

    Writing Prompt: The worst part of being home is…

    1. Brainstorm
    2. Rough Draft
    3. Edit
    4. Final Copy
    5. Picture



    Week 1

    Complete directions in packet for Unit 11 Week 1 


    Week 2 

    Complete directions in packet for Unit 11 Week 2



    Students will go to Study Island through Clever. Click on 2nd Grade NJ Programs and complete the following assignments


    Week 1

    Students will complete 5 math lessons on Study Island until they earn a blue ribbon.

    2a Real World Problems 

    2b Addition and Subtraction Facts

    3a Place Value, 3b Counting Money

    3c Reading and Writing Numbers

    3d Compare Whole Numbers


    Week 2

    Students will complete 5 math lessons on Study Island until they earn a blue ribbon.

    3e Addition and Subtraction Within 100 

    4a Units of Length

    4b Measure Length

    4c Length Problems

    4d Time

    4e Money

    Social Studies

    Week 1

    Use the internet to locate and document important information about a famous woman in history.


    Week 2

    Use the information to make a poster about a famous woman in history. 

    Poster must include the following:

    Date and place of birth

    Date of death, if deceased

    Why they are important/famous

    5 interesting facts about them

    Picture of the person - drawn or printed


    Information should be presented in a neat and colorful manner on the poster paper provided. 

    Students will share their posters with the class upon return.


    Additional Resources: Students are encouraged to visit Clever to practice and review skills on the available websites.