• 3-9-2020 


    Hello Families!

    During the week of 3-9-2020 we will focus on letters v and w. Our sight words are me and my. This week we will be making leprechaun traps in hopes to catch a leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day! We will have the option to paint shamrocks during Choice Time at the Art Center. Some stories we plan to read are A Grand Old Tree, How to Catch a Leprechaun and A Good Day. During our centers we will work on one-one correspondance, colors of the rainbow, fill in the missing number and letters v/w writing or CVC reading/writing depending on the group. 


    I loved to see our friends dress up this past week for Read Across America. Keep reading and fillng out those reading logs. 


    And guess what!? PRE K WON THE READ ACROSS AMERICA DOOR DECORATING CONTEST! The comptetion was between PreK-2, and our door was chosen as the winner! We are so excited!


    If any families are willing to donate santizing wipes for our tables we would most appreciate it. We have been going through a lot lately. We are all set on tissues, glue, etc, but the lysol wipes would be helpful. 


    For anyone looking for updates on the COVID-19 and what our school is doing to prepare, the discrict created a web page dedicated to this on the district website. Please check this website for the latest information. 


    -Miss Fraunberger 

  • Week of March 2, 2020


    Remember this week is READ ACROSS AMERICA WEEK! Your child is welcome to come to school dressed up as a different theme each week:

    Monday 3/2 is Mustache Monday (wear a mustche and yellow or orange to show your inner Lorax)

    Tuesday 3/3 is Multi Colored Tuesday (wear bright colors)

    Wednesday 3/4 is Wacky Wednesday (wear wacky clothes or hair)

    Thursday 3/5 is Crazy Sock Day (wear crazy socks)

    Friday 3/6 Favorite Character Friday (dress up as your favorite book character) 


    This week we will focus on letters h, l and k. Our sight words are make and one. We will be doing a lot of Read Across America themed activities and reading A LOT of books. I can't wait for you to see what the children will come home with on Wednesday!

    AM and PM Pre K class collaborated (ask your child about the world collaboration) to decorate our classroom door like the book After the Fall By: Dan Santat. It looks AMAZING! (See below)

    Reading Logs were sent home. Please log the books you read at home with your child in March and return the form at the end of the month. The class with the most minutes will win something special. Send me a note if you need more log paper. Reading to your child can help improve their comprehension and attention. It can help to build a love of reading, teach life lessons as well as gives quality time together :) I encourage you to ask your child questions as you read. 



    Miss Fraunberger's AM and PM PRE K 2020


  • Can you believe we are in the last week of February already?! 


    This week we will work on forming letters p and j. We will add sight words jump and little to our base of words. Some of our Pre K friends will be entering Kindergarten in just a few months so it is important to have a strong foundation in writing and identifying upper and lower case letters, numbers to 10 and begin to build the base of Pre K sight words. Reinforcing these skills at home will help your child to be Kindergarten ready. Remember you can log into ABC Mouse at home as well, there is even an app for the i pad. 


    Next week is Read Accross America Week (a letter went home too, but here is a reminder of each theme for each day):

    Monday 3/2 is Mustache Monday (wear a mustche and yellow or orange to show your inner Lorax)

    Tuesday 3/3 is Multi Colored Tuesday (wear bright colors)

    Wednesday 3/4 is Wacky Wednesday (wear wacky clothes or hair)

    Thursday 3/5 is Crazy Sock Day (wear crazy socks)

    Friday 3/6 Favorite Character Friday (dress up as your favorite book character) 


    The students in am and pm collaborated to think of ideas of how to decorate our classroom door. We decided the book we will decorate it as will be After the Fall, by Dan Santat which is one of our favorite books. It is all about what happened to Humpty Dumpty after he fell off the wall, and about how he got back up again. This book is all about growth mindset and I recommend reading it yourself if you can! I can't wait to share what our door will look like when it is all done! 

  • Week of 2-18-2020


    Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!

    This week is KINDNESS week! We will note all things KIND we have seen on small strips of paper. We will turn the strips of paper into rings and try to connect them all the way around the school! This week we will practice making letters e and r. We will add sight words is in and it to our flash card drills. During centers this week we will use sprinkles to sensory letter write, we will play a sight word game called POP, and we will build our fine motor skills through tracing and cutting. Have a great week!


  • Week of 2-10-20


    Happy Monday!


    This week we will continue our TREE STUDY. We will work on letters d and s. Our new sight words are I and here


    Remember, this Friday we will pass out Valentines. If you need a new class list please send me a note or email and I will send you a new list. Please remember to have one for each student, and no candy. Students are welcomed to wear pink, red or white on Friday in honor of Valentines Day!


    Monday February 17, there is NO SCHOOL! 



    Miss Fraunberger 


    Week of 2-3-2020


    I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and the Superbowl if you watched it!


    This week we will work on forming letters a and g

    Our new sightwords are come and down.


    Today begins our Tree Study! We are excited to search for leafs and pine sprigs outside to use in our Art Area with paint. 

    This Friday students are welcome to wear red for Heart Month. 

    This Thursday and Friday are ONE SESSION DAYS!


    Have a great week!

  • Week of 1-27-20


    Good Morning and Happy Monday!  Can you believe it is the last week of January already?!


    This week we will be working on forming lower case letters c and o.

    We added sight words blue and can to our flash drills.

    Everyone should have the Fundations Chart at home (if not send me a note, or email and I will send one home to you). Having a concrete foundation of these sounds will be very beneficial for the start of Kindergarten. Even asking your child to name different things that start with certain letters on a car ride can help to build those pre reader skills. 

    This week at our small group tables (in addition to letter writing c and o) we will build our fine motor skills through lacing, and practicing number identification/addition. 

    We have begun to decorate hearts at the center of Choice Time as a decoration for our classroom since Valentines Day is approaching! Have a great week!



    Miss Fraunberger 


    PS: Please remember to check your child's folder daily and send in a snack each day!





  • Week of 1-21-2020


    Welcome back Families! I hope you had a nice MLK day! This week we will focus on writing letters i and u. We will practice writing them in sand! We added the words away and big to our sight word drills. This week one of our centers will focus on our sight words, we made a game out of them! We will continue to talk about different occupations and the uniforms they wear. 

    Our AM class was able to see a Magic Show from a Magician this morning who visited our school today. They were laughing and laughing :) Friday is compliment day! How many compliments can we give? Maybe you can help spread compliments too!


    If you are able to donate lysol wipes and tissues it would be most appreciated! 


  • Week of 1/13/2020

    Hello Families!

    This week we will focus on letters m and n (plane line letters). I sent home a packet of writing paper in case you would like to practice at home. I don't want to waste paper and continuously send home, so if you would like to use it and you ever run out and need more please send me a note/email. 

    We have added the words look and see to our sight words practice list! We are doing such a great job with our sight words, I can tell many have been practicing! 

    This week we will talk about the different jobs people have and the uniforms they wear. We will also be discussing how to get along with others, and why it is important. 

    Remember, everyone has a free log in for ABC Mouse. It can be downloaded to a computer or I pad. Each student has their own log on ID. If you need me to resend the information on how to log in please send me an email, or write me a note and I would be more than happy to send this information home. 

    This Wednesday 1-15-2020 is HAT DAY. Students are welcomed to wear a hat to school if they would like.





    <3 Love, 

    Miss Fraunberger 

  • Week of 1-6-2020


    Hello Familes,

    Happy Monday! We have learned all of the sounds of the alphabet and will now begin writing lower case letters. We will continue to review the sounds we have learned, but will also begin practicing how to form each letter of the alphabet properly. We will use a writing grid to help us do this, and I will send home a copy of what this looks like so you can see, and practice at home if you would like. In our writing grid you will see the SKY LINE, PLANE LINE, GRASS LINE and WORM line. This will help the students to form their letters. This week we will foscus on a few SKYLINE letters:

    Letter Writing: t, b, f (Skyline)

    Sight Words: go, help 


    We will continue our clothes unit and we will read the following stories: Wash and Dry, The Girl Who Wore Too Much, and Something from Nothing. We have very kind, friendly and respectful friends in our class, but we will take a deeper dive into the word respect with Sesame Street and discuss what it means and why it is important. 


    Have a great week!


    Miss Fraunberger 



    Week of 1/2/2020

    Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. This is a short week, so we will do a review of our classroom procedures, shapes, words, colors and letter sounds. We will also discuss our New Year Resolutions. On Monday we will begin learning lower case letter formation, I will send more info on this next week. 


    Miss Fraunberger 

  • Week of 12/16/2019


    Good Morning Families, 

    This week our focus will be:

    Letters: Xx, Yy, Zz (fox, yellow, zebra)

    We will add the sight words: we, me 

    Shapes and Numbers will be a review!


    Thursday we will be having our class parties! All days this week are full days. Monday December 22 there will be no school, we will return on Thursday January 2nd!

    Friday December 20th is Ugly Sweater Day! Feel free to send your child in, in an ugly sweater :) On Friday our PM class will be participating in a sing along with the rest of the school.

    We will continue to talk about clothes this week and be creating many winter themed crafts which the students will be taking home on Thursday to gift to their families :) Remember over break your child can log into ABC Mouse for extra practice at home. 

    We would most appreciate hand wipes, lysol table wipes, and tissues in order to replenish what we have for the upcoming winter season.


    We here at Langtree feel so lucky to be able to get to work with such kind and caring families and students. We wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday season and will see you next year! 


  • Week of 12/9/2019


    Greetings Pre K Families, 

    Today we made some "insta snow" for our sensory bin! We enjoyed playing with it and scooping it. We will use it for the remainder of the week to go on a letter hunt. 

    I hope you ejoyed the "snow doh" that your child made yesterday. We sent it home in a baggy for you to keep! We combined corn starch and lotion to create this. You can even make it at home if you want! It is equal parts of each ingredient. You can add more corn starch if it is too sticky. 


    Today we completed our snowmen to go on display outside of our classroom. 


    Ask your child to tell you about the read alouds "Sneezy the Snowman" and "Goldilocks and the Three Bears".


    This week our focus is:

    Letters- Uu, Vv, Ww (up, van wind for Fundations)

    Color- Review

    Shape- Review

    Number- Review 1-10

    Sight Words- We added the word "up"


    This Thursday is UGLY SWEATER DAY! 

    For those who signed up for Ryan's Quest Fundaiser, you may wear a Pajama Top on Friday.


    Have a great week!


  • Week of 12-3-2019


    Greetings! I hope everyone enjoyed the snow yesterday. 


    This week we are working on:

    Letters: Ss, Tt (snake and top for those following on the Fundations chart)

    Number: 10

    Shape and Color: review

    We added 2 new words to our sight word list- funny and a


    This week we started a new unit on clothes! Today we made a list of what we know about clothes, and what we want to learn! 


    Tomorrow (Wednesday) Pre K will be visting the holiday shop. AM will be going down at 9:50, and PM will be going down at 1:55. If you would like your child to purchase some holiday items please return the form with money that was sent home today. 


    Let's have a great week!




  • Week of 11-25-19

    Hello Families, and Happy Thanksgiving! We are all thankful here at Langtree to have such wonderful caring students and families to work with. 

    Remember this Wednesday is a one session day, and we will have off on Thursday and Friday.

    I loved some of the 50's outfits the students wore on the 50th day of school! Also, Mrs. Lieberman, the K-5 Curriculum Supervisor came in to both the AM and PM class to read us two stories. She even donated a book to our class called A Good Day, by Kevin Hankes which the students really enjoyed.


    This week we will focus on:

    Letters: Qu qu, and Rr

    Number- 9

    Shape- oval

    Color- black

    Word- review


    We are excited to read many books this week about Thanksgiving, such as The Night before Thanksgiving and I'm Thankful Each Day. We also have some Thanksgiving Day crafts you will see when the students bring them home! Happy Monday!

  • Weeek of 11-18-2019



    *Monday November 18th: Dress Up Like a Principal Day. Winners for each grade will be recognized at an assembly!

    *Tuesday November 19th: Parents are welcome to come to school between 9:30 and 10:30am for parent visitation day. This is an opportunity for you to see the things we do in class, if you would like. 

    *Thursday November 21st:Dress like someone from the 1950's for the 50th Day of school.

    *Next Wedneday November 27th is a one session day. AM will run from 9:00am-10:30am and PM will run from 11:30am-1:00pm. Thursday November 28, and 29th there is NO SCHOOL.


    Our Weekly Focus:

    Letters: Oo and Pp

    Number: 8

    Shape: Diamond

    Color: White

    Word: (review)


    We are excited for a guest reader on Friday who will be coming for both the AM and PM class. She will be reading us a story in honor of American Education Week! 





  • Week of 11-11-2019

    Welcome back everyone! This week is World Kindness Week :) This week we will be talking about how to be kind to one another. On Friday students can wear their kindness shirts, Bulldog shirts, or any other kindness shirt! This week we will talk about the types of balls you see in a store and we will experiment to see if we can make our bodies into a ball! Some of the books we will be reading this week are: Just Like Josh Gibson, Apples and Pumpkins and Play Ball. 

    Our PM class will be going to an assembly on Wednesday to learn more about taking care of their teeth! 

    Weekly Focus:

    Letters: Mm, Nn (If you are following on your Fundations chart the words are man and nut)

    Number- 7

    Shape- Crescent 

    Color- Brown

    Words- We will review what we have covered so far in order to solidify the words: the, and, for, run, said (if you are practicing sight words at home I would suggest pulling these words out of the flash card set I sent home and practice these). 

  • Week of 10-28-2019


    Hello Families! 

    Some reminders:

    *This Wednesday, October 30 is picture day! :)

    *On Thursday October 31, we will have a fall celebration! Pre K can wear their costume to school, or change in the classroom. Only pre approved family members are allowed in the building for parties, and no siblings will be permitted. We will have both an AM and PM party. AM Pre K students will be able to return to school to particiapte in the parade if they would like to, weather permitting. If the weather holds up and we are able to have our parade the AM students can meet us at the side door (where we drop off pick up each day) and we will walk in the parade and then dismiss the AM students back to their pick up person at the end of the parade.

    *Friday November 1, students will be able to wear a Jersey, or sports shirt to school!

    *Next week, November 4-8 there is NO SCHOOL for students!

    This week our focus is as follows:

    Shape- Heart

    Number- 6

    Color- Purple

    Letters- Kk and Ll

    Sight Word- and


    Today we read a book called Bounce. Ask you child to tell you about it! Have a great week!



    Week of 10-21-2019

    Happy Monday! This week is Peace Week! Wear peace sign accessories on Wednesday (necklaces, “fun”-glasses, earrings, patches/pins, etc) and/or clothes (shirts, bandanas, hats) to promote a “peace”-ful environment at Langtree!


    Today an envelope went home, please look inside and complete the booklet. Students who return a completed booklet will get a prize the next day at school!!!


    Remember Tuesday-Friday this week are one session days. The AM class will be in session from 9:00am-10:30am. The PM class will be in session from 11:30-1:00pm. 


    Our focus this week are letters Ii and Jj, the shape of a star, color blue, number 5, And the sight word "run".


    I look forward to seeing everyone this week at our scheduled conference time! 





  • Week of 10-14-2019


    Hello Families! On Tuesday, conference forms for parent teacher conferences will be sent home for Pre K. Please send back the second page as soon as possible. October 22, and 24 will be evening conferences and October 23 and 25 will be afternoon. If the time scheduled on your form does not work for you please let me know by sending back the form. 


    A reminder: Our Trunk or Treat event will by October 18. You must be registered in advance to particiapte. If you need another form please let me know!


    This week our focus will be: Letters Gg and Hh, the color green, a shape of a rectangle, the number 4 and sight word said. 


    Week of 10/7/2019

    Hello Families! This week if the WEEK OF RESPECT. Our morning class was able to go to a mini assembly to learn more about how to prevent bullying! On Thursday our afternoon class will get to go to an assenmly with Mr. Ray to learn more about respect. On Friday students can wear their favorite sports team/Langtree Bulldog shirt, hat or other accessories to show you are on #TeamRespect! #BeTheNiceKid! 

    This week our focus will be the sound letters Ee and Ff make, the color yellow, the shape of a square, the number 3 and the sight word of "for". We will continue to talk about different types of balls. 

    Remember, there is no school for students on Wednesday October 9 and also no school on Monday October 14. 

    I hope everyone one has a FANTASTIC week!

  • Week of 9/30/2019

    Hello Families! Happy Monday! This week we will be focusing on the letters Cc and Dd, the color orange, the shape of a circle, the number 2 and the sight word "you". A few of the books we will be reading are: The Adventures of Harry and Gary, Too Many Tamales and Crazy Pizza Day. I encourage you to ask your child questions about these books over the weekend to help support their comprehension. This week we will begin our first unit study on BALLS. We will compare the weight, their size, texture, uses etc. As every week, we will continue our differentiated small groups as well as work on appropriate social skills. Have an excellent week everyone!

  • Week of 9/23/2019

    Hello Families! Each week you will find what we are focusing on  in the week ahead in this section of the website! This week our focus is the letters Aa and Bb and the sounds they make. We will also be working on the number 1, the color red, and triangles. This week we began differentiated small groups which helps us to meet each child where they are, and push them to the next level. We have been having a great time talking about the Fall and doing Fall related activities in spirit of the first official week of fall! A few of the read alouds we will share this week are Jalapeno Bagels, The Ginger Bread Man and B is For Beach. I encourage you to talk about the different things you and your child see that begin with the letters A and B! I hope everyone has a spectacular first week of Fall!