• How to prevent Tick borne illness:

    1. Always walk in the center of trails to avoid contact with ticks.  Ticks live in or near grassy or wooded areas.

    2. Keep your yard clean:  mow lawns, clear brush and remove leaf litter

    3. Apply insecticides: Use EPA registered repellent with DEET on skin and permethrin on clothing, boots and camping gear

    4. Cover up: wear long sleeves and pants tucked into socks to prevent ticks from getting under clothes

    5. Shower:  showering can help find and wash off unattached ticks

    6. Inspect:  check your body for ticks.


    Symptoms from a tick bite occur

    • 3-30d for Lyme disease
    • 7-14d for ehrlichiosis
    • 7-14d for anaplasmosis
    • 2-14d for Rocky Mt. Spotted fever
    • 7-63d for Babesiosis


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