• Welcome to Mr. Weibel's 6th Grade Science Class!

     Attention Parents / Guardians:

    **Please visit your child's Powerschool Portal to view all upcoming due dates for assessments, projects, and homework!

    **I would suggest equipping our students with inexpensive earbuds (Five Below, etc) to use for videos and interactive activities on laptops during class. I never suggest bringing in expensive items to school, but that is an option as well.  

    Plus, in order to help me maintain reliable communication with you about your child please click here and fill out a very basic Google Form.

    Thank you! - Mr. Weibel

    Course Description:

    Science in sixth grade consists of an intergrated curriculum combining Earth, physical, and life science. Topics include the following major units:

    •  Forces and Motion
    •  Space and Astronomy 
    •  Cells and Heredity   

    The District Grading Protocol:

    Hamilton Township Schools maintains a district-wide grading policy that breaks grades into 3 different categories. I will be using an approach called the Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom, or LATIC. Work will be completed and left in classroom folders in concert wtih Google Classroom. Grades will often come in waves as students work on unit-sized activity lists. During these units, work will still be graded within the 3 district-wide categories as follows:

    Summative grades include major tests (few, if any) and most projects (most common). Together the assessements of this type count as 50% of the marking period grade.

    Formative grades include small tests or quizzes and minor projects and classwork.  Together the assessements of this type count as 40% of the marking period grade.

    Independent Practice grades include homework and most classwork. Together the assessements of this type count as 10% of the marking period grade.