• Extra Credit

    Extra credit will rarely be given. The best way to improve your grade is to perform well on future tests and quizzes to raise those averages. In geometry there are very few stand-alone topics. Everything continues to build on itself and will continue to reappear. Review your tests and quizzes, learn from your mistakes, ask questions, and get help!


    Absent on tests or quiz days

    Quizzes and tests are made known in advance. If you are absent on the day of one, you must it up AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You must let me know when you are making it up. After school or during your lunch period is ideal so you have the same amount of time as everyone else to take it. If not made up after 3 school days, the assessment will be a zero.


    My Availability & Seeking Extra Help in 202

    I am available before school nearly every day in room B202 (our classroom).

    If you are able to get transportation, I can stay after school most days (EXCEPT TUESDAYS + WEDNESDAYS) until 3:30.

    Please ask/give me a day's notice in the event I cannot stay after.

    Faculty and Department Meetings often occur on Mondays and Tuesdays, which I must attend.