• Honors- Chemistry   2019/20                                      

    Welcome to Chemistry-   Understanding Chemistry can be very interesting but also quite challenging.  Like anything, the more you work at it , the more you will get out of it.  Keep all of your handouts, notes, reference sheets, graded quizes /tests organized in a binder or folder.  You will need to bring a scientific calculator to class as well (One with an EE button would be helpful) since we will be using them fairly often throughout the course.  You need to ask questions during class, it shows you tried but need clarification. Quiet students are either:  bored, asleep, too shy, don't care, unprepared , prepared.( hard for me to tell?)  In this course, a lot of the material builds from chapter-to-chapter and requires an ability to apply math.  For this reason, those who don't learn chapter 3 well may suffer for it in chapter 5. Ask questions or make the time to see me for extra help.

    Make -up work-    Many assignments will be posted on an easel in front of the room but if you are absent, ask a trusted classmate or see me about work missed. Most work and tests are returned to you so you can learn from your mistakes and improve.  No make-ups for lab experiments missed but they will not count against you if you are absent.  If you are absent on a test or quiz day, they must be made up the next day after you return. You are encouraged to make these up after school when it is quiet but if not you must take them during lunch or class. Making up tests during class will be distracting due to noise, talking, etc.  See me concerning make-up work after long absences.  

    Tests and Quizzes-  Tests will be announced and posted in advance as well as most assignments.  Keep yourself organized with a calendar and write down assignments and test dates.  During tests, remain in your seat,  keep your eyes on your paper, and raise your hand if you have a question.  If you review and study between tests, a light review before the test should be sufficient.

    Extra Credit-  Occasionally offered only to students who are present as an incentive on days when many students are absent or on field trips.  NO extra credit is offered at end of the marking period!   If your grades are slipping,  see me for extra help outside class or before tests so I can help.  I can also arrange a student tutor to help you if you wish.   

    Grading  Policy -  Currently the district mandates all grades be expressed by percentages with final grades corresponding to the following: 
                    unit tests -   50% of marking period grade
                    quizes/labs - 40%
                    homework -   10%

    Classwork/homework is always reviewed in class and is periodically checked and evaluated based on a good effort with reasonable answers.   Updates to Powerschool will be posted weekly.  Realize grades at the beginning of each marking period can change greatly as more grades added.

    Cell phones-  Cell phones are wonderful devices but should be turned off during school. Even when they vibrate on silent you will be wondering what it is about and tempted to answer it. Whoever is contacting you is distracting you from class!  In the event of an emergency, someone from the office will contact you (as they would for me) over the intercom or by student messenger.  Occasionally we may use phones in class for learning games like KAHOOTS, as a stopwatch during labs, or for calculator use.  No phones should be out otherwise, especially during quizes and tests.   If I ask you to put the phone away and you continue to use it, it will be considered insubordination and result in detention as for any other similar misbehaviors.

    Parent Concerns-   Parents can contact me with any concerns or questions by e-mail at bcullen@hamilton.k12.nj.us  or leave a phone number and I will return the phone call as soon as possible.  I look forward to sharing my love of chemistry with all you this year and hope that many of you will learn to enjoy this material as much as I do. 

    Sincerely,     Mr. Cullen