• Student Supply List- 
    Unlimited supply pens/pencils :) ***keep a pack or two in lockers 
    1- Pencil Box or Zipper Pencil Case (large) with your child's name on it (Dollar Store has them) **I prefer the boxes easier to stack for each class
    - Please include the following inside (2)pencils,(2)pens, eraser caps or an eraser, ultra fine tip Sharpie or flair, 24 count Crayola Crayons, glue stick,  small ruler to fit in box, colored pencils
    1 - Ear Buds to keep in your pencil box for computer use -get a cheap/inexpensive pair to remain in class for activity lists
    1- box of Kleenex ( tissues provided by school are like sand paper)
    1- bottle * disinfecting wipes ( I wipe desks daily especially during cold & flu season) 
    1- roll of paper towels  
    1- tri-fold presentation board (small or large -needed during the semester- not in the beginning but if you see it on sale buy it - any color will do -Dollar store sometimes has them -Michaels and use a coupon)  This will be used for the Ancient Chinese Invention Project.
    ***if you have the resources and would like to donate a few items for our class projects & activities we need...***
    - multi colored file folders 
    -copy paper colored (yellow, red, green, blue, purple etc.)
    -origami paper any kind solid or patterened
    - large bags of skittles(red bag)for a Population activity used during East Asia Unit
    - styrofoam 8oz. Cups, (Tea Ceremony) 
    - decaf green tea bags (TeaCeremony)
    - individual sugar packets(Tea Ceremony)
    - stirrers/ spoons (Tea Ceremony)
    - paper plates (white cheap thin ones from dollar store - population activity) 
    - plastic table clothes (any color) - Dollar Store
    - snack size/ sandwich baggies 
    Thank you for your  donation to our classroom & I am looking forward to a great year ahead!! 
    Mrs.Lucchesi 📚📝