Grice Middle School is proud to partner with the Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey to host a 15 Minute Child Break Webinar for Parents, Guardians & Caregivers. The Webinar is free, pre-recorded and password protected.  Check it out!  The link is only valid for 30 Days! 

    15 Minute Child Break Webinar


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  •  Hamilton Township School District is now on Remote Learning! 

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    The SAC Times- An Informational Resource for Families, Parents & Caregivers

     SAC Virtual Office Hours

           NEW HOURS!

    Mondays 2:20PM-3:00PM

    Wednesdays 2:00PM-3:00PM (Virtual Coloring Parties!)

    Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:20PM-2:00PM

    * Students can join the meeting to say hi or chat. Note that other students may be in this meeting and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. 

    * Please join the SAC google classroom- class code is ou2vg2l to get the google meet link or email Ms. Garvey directly.

    * Students or families can email or call me (voicemail will be checked regularly) to set up an individual meeting.

    * Hope to see you there! Email me any time with questions or to set up a video chat.

    * Either way please check out the SAC google classroom for resources on how to keep your mind and body healthy- class code is ou2vg2l.

    * Please email Ms. Garvey at agarvey@hamilton.k12.nj.us with any questions.   

    Welcome to the SAC Program

    As the SAC (Student Assistance Counselor) at Grice, I provide a variety of services to students who are dealing with non-academic issues that might interfere with their ability to achieve in school. Students are better able to succeed if these issues are directly addressed. This allows us to reduce risk factors and increase positive assets so that students can more effectively learn, grow and reach their goals.


    To this end, some of the services provided include: 

    • Individual counseling and Assessment
    • Group counseling  
    • Crisis intervention
    • Coordination with and referral to outside agencies
    • Coordination with School Counselors and the CORE team, Suicide Prevention and I&RS committees
    • Information Resource for issues relating to substance abuse and mental health      
    • Serving as our school's Anti-Bullying Specialist


    Some issues addressed include:

    • Substance Abuse by the student
    • Substance Abuse by the student's family member or peer     
    • Emotional Distress
    • Bullying
    • Stress/Anxiety    
    • Death and Grief
    • Self-injurious behaviors
    • Disordered Eating behaviors
    • Peer mediation/conflict resolution
    • Bias/Discrimination     
    • Family issues/divorce
    • Healthy relationships


    Referral Procedures:

    Any student who wishes to utilize SAC services may stop by the office to make an appointment. The office is located across from the girls locker room and next to C100.

    Alternatively, you may drop a note in my SAC mailbox in the main office requesting a meeting.

    Parents, family, community members, students and teachers may also refer a student if they are concerned that an issue is affecting his or her abilities in school. I can be contacted in person, by phone or by email.

    If you refer a student, your referral will be kept confidential.



    Ms. Andrea Garvey

    609-631-4152 Ext 3523