• Welcome to Mrs. Satzman's 7th grade Social Studies Class!  

    • We are now working on Unit 4: East Asia, which is Chapter 4 in the textbook.  The next two weeks we will be exploring the culture of the region.
    • For remote learning, please refer to your class's Google Classroom page.  
    • Google Classroom Codes: 
      • Block 1/9: w7cn4mx
      • Block 3/4: k7afrkr
      • Block 6/7: ntehluv

    ***Remote Learning Expectations***

    During remote learning, the expectations of your work in school are the same expectations for your work at home.  This includes:

    • Any reading passages assigned or videos to watch are to be read and watched.  Do not Google the answers to questions.  
    • Academic integrity:
      • Copying and pasting from the internet is not your work.  This is unacceptable when you are in school and it is unacceptable when you are at home.
      • Any information taken from the internet must be praphrased, otherwise it is considered plagiarism and will result in a loss of credit.
    • If you are unclear about these expectations, you can find the District's Acceptable Use of Computer Network/Computer and Resources here.  Also, academic integrity is emphasized in the Crockett Student Handbook.
    • Thank you for adhering to these expectations.



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