• Welcome to My First Grade Website!

    First grade is a very transitional year where you will see a lot of academic and personal growth. In order to have a successful remainder of the year, here are a few reminders:

    1. Agendas and folders must go home and return to school every day.

    2. Agendas must be initialed by an adult at home each day. 

    3. Completed work and informative flyers must be emtpied out of folders every night. Forms that require a response must be filled out and returned ASAP.

    4. Families can send in a peanut-free, easy-to-eat snack on full days.



    Helpful Hints:

    1. It is important to practice basic facts and sight words nightly.

    2. Students must read with an adult or older relative nightly.


    Special Schedule

    Monday: Gym

    Tuesday: Art

    Wednesday: Music

    Thursday: Library

    Friday: Gym


    We've been very busy in room 1 so far. In ELA, we're learning to retell fiction stories by using illustrations to help us. In fundations we're reviewing tapping out simple three-letter words and adding trick words to our word wall. We've also started tapping out words with the digraphs -th, -wh, -ck, -sh, and -ch. In writing we're composing fiction stories that must include characters, setting, a problem, and a solution. Students are reminded to captialize the beginning of a sentence and end sentences with the appropriate end mark. In math, we're counting on from the larger number in addition, and we're crossing out drawings to subtract. In science we're discussing the sun/stars, and moon. In Social Studies we're discussing current events, holidays, and communities. 


    **Mrs. Landgraf is substitute teaching in my place from 11/11/19-2/28/20. I will miss my students dearly, but I know they are in good hands!!**