• Remote Learning Week 13:  Week of June 15th

    Please fill out the google form.  Think about your answers and be as honest as you can!  I want all of you to know that I enjoyed being your ALPS teacher this year.  It has been an interesting year and it is one I will never forget!  Thank you for working to the best of your ability.  This is such an important lifetime skill!  I hope everyone has a fun, relaxing, healthy summer!  Good luck in middle school! Love, Mrs. Ruble

    Google Form

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  • Remote Learning Week 12:  Week of June 8th

    Congratulations on solving the Chocolate Caper Mystery!  You are now officially a detective extraordinaire!  To celebrate your success, choose an escape room for a fun, yet challenging activity. Use the link below and choose "room escape" from the top of the page and pick your room. How long will it take you to escape?  There are videos that show you what to do, but that ruins all the brain work!! Try to do it independently!  To receive credit for this assignment, let me know which one you tried and how you did.

    Escape Room Puzzles

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  • Remote Learning Week 11:  Week of June 1st

    Chocolate Caper: Pg. 41 Second Floor- Use the clues provided to determine where each office is located in the chocolate factory.

    Chocolate Caper: Pg. 42 Notes from Detective Abel- This is the final puzzle!!! When you solve it, you will know who committed the crime! You might need to go back in the story to use information that was uncovered earlier to help you figure it out, but you will have all the information you need. Don't give it away! You will get bonus points if you tell me who did it when you turn in your work! P.S. If you aren't sure what a typewriter is, you may google it.

    CC pg. 41 Second Floor at the Chocolate Factory

    CC pg. 42 Notes from Detective Abel

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  • Remote Learning Week 10:  Week of May 25th

    There is no group google meet this week.  We will resume next week as usual.

    This week is "catch up" week.  Please use this time to get caught up with any assignments that you have not finished.  All assignments are still posted.  If you are finished with your assignments to date--you can teach your family how to play Bus Stop.  I have included the directions and the Bus Stop sheet to write on.  Use this game to practice your brainstorming skills and adapt it to fit your family's interests!  Have fun! If you turn in missing work, that will count as this week's assignment or you can message me to tell me that you played Bus Stop. 


    Bus Stop DIrections

    Bus Stop Playing Sheet

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  • Remote Learning Week 9:  Week of May 18th

    Chocolate Caper Pg. 36 Suspects’ Appearances- Use the clues to determine the color of hair and eye color of each suspect
    Chocolate Caper Pg. 39 Identifying Marks- Use the clues to find out the suspects’ identifying marks and what the suspects were wearing.
    We are getting very close to solving the mystery!
    You can work in your ALPS books or use the documents provided below. I tried something different with the documents this week.  Make a copy for yourself and rename it before you type on it! I hope it's easier!! 🤞

    Suspects' Appearances

    Identifying Marks

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  • Remote Learning Week 8:  Week of May 11th

    Your assignment this week is in your Warm Up books on pg. 19.  Use your brainstorming skills to add two or more O's to each set of letters to form a word.  Please do not use dictionaries, use brain power!  See how many you can solve!  You may work in your booklets or use the document below.

    "O" No Document

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  • Remote Learning Week 7:  Week of May 4th

    Secret Messages:  Read Chocolate Caper pg. 33 or the document below carefully to learn about a secret message that was found in the story.  Think about the case...  Then, read pg. 34 or the document below to learn one way to decode a secret message.  The third document goes along with pg. 34 and will show you how to make the decoder.  Finally, pg. 35 or the document below contains the actual secret message from the story.  Try your luck at decoding it and think about its possible meaning.  

    Chocolate Caper pg. 33

    Chocolate Caper pg. 34

    Sample Decoding Tool

    Chocolate Caper pg. 35

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  • Remote Learning Week 6:  Week of April 27th

    It's time to get back to the Chocolate Caper!  If you brought your binders home, you can complete the logic puzzles on pgs. 31 and 32.  You will find out what each suspect's second alibi was and which witness saw them to prove they were there.  If you don't have your books you can use the documents below to work on.  Remember to use X for yes and O for no.  If you are working in your book, it might be easiest to transfer your answers onto the documents so you can turn them in, otherwise you can send me a picture of your completed puzzles.

    Second Alibi Pg. 31

    Witnesses pg. 32

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  • Remote Learning Week 5:  Week of April 20th

    How does your brain learn?  Does your brain un-learn information?  Can your brain re-learn information?  View the video below and think about how you learn.  Complete the response document when you are finished.

    Backwards Brain Bicycle Video

    Backwards Brain Bicycle Response Document:  Make a copy for yourself before you edit this document.

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  • Remote Learning Week 4:  Week of April 13th

    Wonderopolis! Use this website and search wonder #2301 by entering it in the search bar on the main screen. Read the article completely and take the online quiz. Reread the article if necessary. Complete the Wonderopolis Reading Response when you are finished.


    Wonderopolis Reading Response

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    Time to take a virtual trip! Using the Pebble Go website below, visit a state you have never been to. Click on the States icon and choose your state. Follow along and learn all about the state you have chosen and complete the State Fact Sheet.


    State Facts Worksheet

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    colored pencils

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