• Remote Learning Week 13:  Week of June 15th

    Please fill out the google form.  Think about your answers and be as honest as you can!  I want all of you to know that I enjoyed being your ALPS teacher this year.  It has been an interesting year and it is one I will never forget!  Thank you for working to the best of your ability.  This is such an important lifetime skill!  I hope everyone has a fun, relaxing, healthy summer!  Love, Mrs. Ruble

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  • Remote Learning Week 12:  Week of June 8th

    Congratulations!  We made it to Egypt!  Now, you are going to create a souvenir to help you remember your adventure!  You will make an Egyptian Cartouche.  A cartouche is a name plate drawn with hieroglyphics.  The websites below can be used to learn more about what they are, why they are so important in Egyptian culture, and also how to make your own.  Please use whatever supplies you have at home to create your own.  Be sure to decorate your cartouche with color! To receive credit for this assignment, you can ask your parents to send me a picture or you can show me at our weekly meet.

    Cartouche Research

    Write like an Egyptian

    Make your own cartouche

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  • Remote Learning Week 11:  Week of June 1st

    You made it!!  Now that you have traveled down the Nile River, you've made your way to Egypt!  Please write an ending to your adventure.  You may do it on paper, Google docs, or Google slides.  I want you to use your creativity to end the story.  Start with "sailing" down the Nile River.  What happened next?  Did you survive?  Did you get to your parents?  Were they happy to see you?  What about the gorilla and elephant? If you are writing on paper or using Google docs I will expect at least a one page ending.  If you are using Google slides, 4-6 slides should be appropriate.  You may work cooperatively with other students using Google!

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  • Remote Learning Week 10:  Week of May 25th

    There is no group google meet this week.  We will resume next week as usual.

    This week is "catch up" week.  Please use this time to get caught up with any assignments that you have not finished.  All assignments are still posted.  If you are finished with your assignments to date--you can teach your family how to play Bus Stop.  I have included the directions and the Bus Stop sheet to write on.  Use this game to practice your brainstorming skills and adapt it to fit your family's interests!  Have fun! If you turn in missing work, that will count as this week's assignment or you can message me to tell me that you played Bus Stop. 


    Bus Stop Directions

    Bus Stop Playing Sheet

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  • Remote Learning Week 9:  Week of May 18th

    We are now heading west toward the Nile River in our pretend journey and you will need a raft to help you complete the journey safely. For this assignment you will build your own "raft" using a limited amount of supplies: 3 pieces of paper, 6 straws, and 6 paper clips. A craft stick or something similar will be used to represent yourself floating on the raft. You are allowed to substitute supplies if you don't have what's needed around the house, but please do not ADD additional supplies. Once you have built your raft, try floating it in the sink or tub with your craft stick person on top. If you "survive" 10 minutes without sinking, you will have made it safely! Please send me a photo of your raft and let me know if you survived, or you can share it at our weekly meeting.

    Alternate Activity
    Find a rock and paint it using what you know about African culture. You can look through your books or google information to decide on how you will decorate your rock. Be as creative as you want, but it should be African themed. You can pretend you found the rock along the Nile River and keep it as a souvenir of your trip. Sharpie markers work well on rocks!! 👍

    Resources to learn about the Nile River...

    National Geographic Link

    Cool Kid Facts Link

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  • Remote Learning Week 8:  Week of May 11th

    This week's assignment is in your Warm Up books on pg. 14: One From Column C: You will choose a small word from each of three columns to create a new word. Example- “sax” + “o” + “phone”= saxophone
    Each small word will only be used once and the beginning of the final word will always be from Column A (sax), the middle of the final word will always be from Column B (o), and the ending of the final word will always be from Column C (phone). But, of course they are not in horizontal order.
    Dictionaries are allowed, but please try to use some brain power first!!
    You may work in your ALPS booklets or use the document attached below.

    One From Column C Document

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  • Remote Learning Week 7: Week of May 4th

    This week you are going to design and illustrate a Family Crest.  The family crest will by a symbol representing the values and interests that are important to your family.  Discuss with your family members what types of things they feel are most important.  These will be your choice, but an example might be honesty or religion or happiness.  There is no wrong answer.  Also, think about some of the special interests that pertain to your family.  Again, these will be your choice, but perhaps sports, cooking, dancing, vacation places etc.  Once you have several ideas, design and color your very own family crest. Think about your color choices carefully. Include a family motto at the end.  My family motto is "Never Give Up" 😊A blank example is shown in the stream section of classroom, but I want you to make your own.  It can be done on regular paper and shared at our weekly meeting.  It does not need to be turned in digitally, unless you want to take a picture of it and have your parents send it by email.


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  • Remote Learning Week 6:  Week of April 27th

    Watch the slide share below to learn a little more about the Masai tribe in Africa.  Complete Mayday pg. 36 if you brought your binder home.  If not, you can use the document below to answer a few questions about our journey to Africa.

    Masai Slides

    Masai Pg. 36


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  • Remote Learning Week 5:  Week of April 20th

    Initial Equations:  This is assignment can be found in your warm up books on pg. 13.  If you don't have your book at home, you may use the document below.  To solve each equation, think about the numbers given and find words that begin with the given letters that make sense in the equation.  Example:  4 Q in a G.  Think about the number 4.  What are there always 4 of???  Then look at the letters, Q and G. ???  There are always 4 Quarts in a Gallon.  This will take some brainstorming and you may use your family members for help---But No Googling! 👍

    Initial Equations Document :  Make a copy for yourself before editing this document.

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  • Remote Learning Week 4:  Week of April 13th

    Wonderopolis! Use this website and search wonder #2405 by entering it in the search bar on the main screen. Read the article completely and take the online quiz. Reread the article if necessary. Complete the Wonderopolis Reading Response when you are finished.


    Wonderopolis Reading Response

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    Time to take a virtual trip! Using the Pebble Go website below, visit a state you have never been to. Click on the States icon and choose your state. Follow along and learn all about the state you have chosen and complete the State Fact Sheet.


    State Facts Worksheet

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    colored pencils

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