• Remote Learning Week 13:  Week of June 15th

    Please fill out the google form.  Think about your answers and be as honest as you can!  I want all of you to know that I enjoyed being your ALPS teacher this year.  It has been an interesting year and it is one I will never forget!  Thank you for working to the best of your ability.  This is such an important lifetime skill!  I hope everyone has a fun, relaxing, healthy summer!  Love, Mrs. Ruble

    Google Form

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  • Remote Learning Week 12:  Week of June 8th

    Watch the video below about 10 interesting insects.  Use the document below to let me know which ones you have seen in real life.  Then, play the insect memory game for fun!


    Insect Video

    Student Document

    Insect Memory Game

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  • Remote Learning Week 11:  Week of June 1st

    This week there are 2 pages in your Warm Up booklet that I'd like you to complete. The documents provided below can be used if you don't have your booklet at home. The first one is Kakooma on pg. 19. In each set of numbers, you need to find the number that is the sum of two other number. For example: If the numbers are 6, 1, 3, 8. 12, 4. The answer would be 4. 4 is the only number that 2 of the other numbers add up to (3 +1) =4. When you are finished, put your answers in the final puzzle and solve again the same way--choose the answer that 2 of the other numbers add up to.
    You can play Kakooma online too! The link is below. Once you master the addition puzzles, you can move on to multiplication!

    The second assignment is Wuzzles on pg. 20. Evaluate each puzzle and determine the phrase or expression by noticing how each word is written and its position in the box.
    Below is a link to help you practice. The answers are included right below each if you want to challenge yourself have a parent help you so you don't see the answer until you try to solve it for yourself!

    Pg. 19 Kakooma

    Pg. 20 Wuzzles




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  • Remote Learning Week 10:  Week of May 25th

    There is no group google meet this week.  We will resume next week as usual.

    This week is "catch up" week.  Please use this time to get caught up with any assignments that you have not finished.  All assignments are still posted.  If you are finished with your assignments to date--you can teach your family how to play Bus Stop.  I have included the directions and the Bus Stop sheet to write on.  Use this game to practice your brainstorming skills and adapt it to fit your family's interests!  Have fun! If you turn in missing work, that will count as this week's assignment or you can message me to tell me that you played Bus Stop. 

    Bus Stop Directions

    Bus Stop Playing Sheet

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  • Remote Learning Week 9:  Week of May 18th

    Grasshopper's Garage: For this assignment, you may use your ALPS book pg. 39 or the document provided below. We are continuing with alliteration this week; the repetition of beginning sounds. Brainstorm a list of bugs for each letter of the alphabet and then brainstorm a place where that bug could be found using the same beginning sound that the bug starts with. Examples: Ant's Attic and Grasshopper's Garage.
    When you are finished, choose one and draw a picture of that bug living in its "place."
    Make sure you put your name on the document!

    Grasshopper's Garage Document

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  • Remote Learning Week 8:  Week of May 11th

    This lesson can be found in your Bugs Book pg. 38.  This week you are going to learn about alliteration.  Use the poetry link below to read a lesson on alliteration and be sure to scroll down far enough to watch the video, "My Puppy Punched Me in the Eye."  Once you understand the lesson, you are going to create your own Buggy Tongue Twister using alliteration.  The document below has the instructions on it.

    Poetry Lesson: Alliteration

    Tongue Twister Document

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  • Remote Learning Week 7:  Week of May 4th

    Use the website below to learn about writing acrostic poetry.  You will need to scroll down the page to follow along.  There is a video at the end which might be even more helpful.  When you are ready, use the attached document to write your own acrostic poem about a bug of your choice.  Make a copy of the document first and re-name it with your name.  Please do not choose a bug that has a very short name---like ant.  Try to make the bug's name have at least 6 letters. 

    Acrostic Poetry Lesson

    Student Acrostic Document

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  • Remote Learning Week 6: Week of April 27th

    Watch the video below to learn how to fold and cut a regular sheet of paper into a square piece of paper.  Once you learn how to make the square paper you are ready to do some Origami.  Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding.  It takes patience and special focus on following directions precisely.  Try out the bug origami in your Bug Book beginning on pg. 31 and see how well you can create an origami fly.  If you don't have your books at home, use the link below to make an origami fish.  If possible, ask your parents to send me a picture of your finished product or bring it with you to our next Google Meet.  Have fun!

    Paper folding video

    Origami Fish Tutorial Video

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  • Remote Learning Week 5:  Week of April 20th

    Watch the Screencastify video linked below.  It will explain how to play the mathematical puzzle:  Tower of Hanoi.  In 3rd grade ALPS, we call it Leaping Ladybugs and the directions are in your Bugs book on pages 28-30.  Practice playing the game.  To be successful with 3 pieces (or ladybugs) you need to complete the challenge in only 7 moves.  When you add a 4th piece it must be completed in only 15 moves and if you make it to 5 pieces it will take only 31 moves.  Don't give up!  It may take some time--this is the point of the challenge!  Once you figure out how to play you can use the "math is fun" link to play on the computer also.  Take a picture or video of yourself playing the game and send it to me if you can :)

    Tower of Hanoi/Leaping Ladybugs Instructional Video


    Math is Fun: Tower of Hanoi

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  • Remote Learning Week 4:  Week of April 13th

    Wonderopolis! Use this website and search wonder #2407 by entering it in the search bar on the main screen. Read the article completely and take the online quiz. Reread the article if necessary. Complete the Wonderopolis Reading Response when you are finished.


    Wonderopolis Reading Response

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