• Remote Learning Plans for the week of March 30-April 3rd

    Reading/Writing Plans 4/2:
    -Study Island: 4/2 Reading Assignment
    -Study Island: 4/2 Writing Assignment
    -Continue to silent read from novel 
    -Finish up reading log project if not finished yet

    Math Plans 4/2:
    -Study Island: 4/2 Math Assignment
    -Make sure all answers from the textbook and workbook have been checked

    Reading Plans 4/1:
    -Study Island: 4/1 assignment (reading section)
    -Silent read from novel
    Math Plans 4/1:
    -Study Island 4/1 assignment (math section)
    Writing Plans 4/1:
    -4/1 Picture Writing Assignment on Google Classroom- it's a picture writing activity! 

    Reading / Writing Plans 3/31:

    -No Storyworks assignments today! 
    -Log in to Study Island through Clever and complete the 3/31 Reading and 3/31 Writing assignments
    -Silent read from novel
    Math Plans 3/31:
    -Unit 6, Lesson 10 Student Activity book pages 267-268
    -Homework workbook page 139
    Zoom Schedule 3/31: (To access links to zoom meetings students must go through their Google Classroom Account)
    10:00 - Group 4
    11:00 - Group 3
    12:00 - Group 2
    1:15 - Group 1

    Reading Plans 3/30:
    -Reread the Storyworks Quiz, The Snake That's Eating Florida
    -Take the 3/30 Snake Quiz
    -i-ready lesson / silent read for 20 minutes
    Writing Plans 3/30:
    -I wanted to change things up today and give you a creative writing assignment. View the 3/30 Writing assignment, examine the picture, and come up with a funny story to go with it. I know that we love doing these and I am so excited to read our responses to this! 
    Math Plans 3/30:
    -Unit 6, Lesson 9, Student Activity Book pg.265 and 266
    -Homework workbook page 137
    -i-ready lesson or Study Island
    *This lesson is on multistep word problems. Please take your time with these problems!!

    Weekly Plans:
    -Social Studies: Lesson 3 notes, lesson 3 exit ticket
    -Science: Continue to work on animal draft, please make sure if completing electronically that it is being shared with me!