• Please check the agenda book daily. Most weekend nights, with the exception of Friday, there will be math homework. 

    Each week the students will be required to fill out a reading log. Please have your child read 4 times each week for a least 15 minutes at a time. Log each time on the form and initial your entry. We will check these every Monday. 

    Students will be bringing a writing prompt sheet home monthly. Please work with your child to choose one topic and write a paragraph. Encourage 4-6 sentences or more and help them edit it. These assignments are to be written in a journal and are due each Friday. The students will take turns reading their entries so be sure to get these in on time.

    Reading and writing at home is essential for continuing to enhance the skills taught in school. Please continue the school-home connection by taking an active role in your child's education and monitoring/helping with these assignments. When students realize that their families value learning, they will too.