• Three Branches of Government Mini Web Quest


    Introduction: Your local news channel needs to do a report on the three branches of government; however they have forgotten what the three branches are. They need your help to identify the three branches and explain about each branch and how our government works.

    Task: Your job is to research the three branches and design a tri-fold poster with information about each branch. The news reporter needs your help so they can finish their report for tonight’s news broadcast.


    1. Learn about each branch and identify what they do.

    * use the links below to help with your research

    * record your information on the chart provided

    1. Once you’ve gathered your information, make a poster for each branch using the templates.
    2. Draw and color pictures & symbols to go along with each branch of government.
    3. Glue your three posters onto the tri-fold construction paper.
    4. Give your project a title.
    5. Be prepared to present your research to the news station.