• Problem Based Learning 

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    Problem Based Learning, a semester course for sixth grade students, will encourage students to analyze complex problems and collaborate with others to create solutions.  Students will be utilizing critical thinking and problem solving skills that will contribute to their future academic success.  The curriculum includes an overview of the 21st century skills, learning about the inquiry process and problem solving.  This class will follow guidelines found within the NJCCS for Technology Education and 21st-Century Life and Careers.  These standards allow for the application and use of creative thinking, critical thinking and information skills to investigate, draw conclusions about and create content or solutions to the problem.  Throughout the next two marking periods, students will be challenged to question, discover, plan, research, create, solve problems, and construct solutions by using a variety of activities and projects connecting them to real world problems and issues.

    Grades are determined by the following categories and percentages (weights):

    Participation* = 10%

    Activities & Quizzes = 40%

    Projects & Tests = 50%

    * The students' participation grade consists of class participation and use of good work habits.  Due to the nature of this class and since much of the time will be spent working on projects, class participation will play an important role in student grades.  Each student will begin with an "A" for their daily average.  All they need to do is maintain it!  Points will be deducted from a daily average if the student is not on task, not following directions, NOT WORKING COOPERATIVELY with other students, not working on their project, poor/indifferent behavior, talking back to the teacher, disrespecting other students, violating guidelines or safety rules, or stealing or damaging someone else's project.