• Introduction to Computer Applications

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    Description of the Course:

    This full year 8th grade elective course develops the fundamentals of computer applications.  Students will build upon their prior knowledge gained during the 6th and 7th grade Computer Literacy courses where proper keyboarding techniques, language arts literacy skills, proofreading, and editing skills are emphasized.  Students will learn to properly format important documents such as reports, business letters, multimedia presentations and charts.  Throughout the school year, students will view demonstrations and practice specific functions through hands-on class activities and projects. These lessons will greatly expand students' computer knowledge and efficiency and can easily be applied in other courses throughout their everyday life. 

    HOMEWORK WILL BE ASSIGNED as this is a full year class.


    The final course grade will be comprised of the following:

    Individual Participation  = 10%       Activities & Quizzes = 40% (Formative)

    Projects & Tests = 50% (Summative)