• Yardville Heights Safety Patrol

    *Save the Date* Our trip to Trenton Thunder will be May 28, 2020!!

    **While I'm on maternity leave (from 11/11/19-2/28/20), Ms. Oliver (doliver@hamilton.k12.nj.us) will be the conctact person for any patrol concerns.**


    Fourth and fifth graders who are responsible, respectful, fair, trustworthy, caring, and who are good citizens of our school's community have volunteered to be a safety patrol for our school!

    They are stationed around the school before, during (at lunch and recess), and after school to help ensure the safety of our students during arrival, lunch, recess, and dismissal.

    All patrols will receive schedules to study and bring home so they know when and where they're expected to be.

    1. Keep your belt in your book bag at all times. You never know when you'll be asked to sub for someone.

    2. Always wear your belt while on post. It's considered your hall pass.

    3. If you can't make it to your post, find another patrol to cover your post.

    4. Remember to sign the captains' clipboards so you get credit for going to your post.

    5. Set an example of how to behave in the hallway, during lunch, and at recess for other students.

    6. Schedules are also posted in my room (room 1) and in the office.

    7. If you don't show up to a post (and don't have documentation stating why you were unable to fulfill this responsibility), you get a strike. You can also receive a strike for misbehaving on post.

    8. If you receive three strikes during the 2017-2018 school year, your patrol privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the school year.

    9. If a patrol is suspended for any reason (a patrol-related issue or not) the patrol will automatically be terminated from patrol duties (even if he/she received less than three strikes).

    10. School work comes first. I periodically check with the fourth and fifth grade teachers to make sure patrols are keeping up with class work and homework. If a student seems to struggle, eligibility for patrol will be reconsidered.

    11. If you have an outside post or a post at a door, make sure to dress accordingly for the weather that day (ie. have a coat or umbrella if needed).


    Description of Posts


    Regular Patrol November-February Schedule

    Lunch Patrol Schedule November-February