•  AP- Chemistry                              Mr. Cullen

     There are several methods you can use to succeed or improve in this college-level chemistry course:

    1.  Take notes from your text or outline the text as you read it.  Just the act of writing helps you retain knowledge.

    2.  Do MORE than the minimum required assigned problems.  The more you do, the better your confidence and time will improve.  The better you understand the fundamentals the easier those " tricky" problems will become.

    3.  View the "Chem Guy" tutorials on my resources page.  They are funny and very good at showing you how to work out some of even the most difficult type problems. 

    4. Work with other students in AND outside of class.  Review notes and material,  quiz each other, etc.   This was my biggest regret in college.  I worked hard but my grades improved vastly when I began making the time to study with others.

    5.  Participate in class discussions and help others!  Nothing teaches better than helping others.