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    Drivers Education & Substance Awarness & Overall Wellness 



    2017- STATE EXAM Permit Test Date- DEC 5th~

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    Questions?  ajankos@hamilton.k12.nj.us

    10th Grade Health Requirements & Procedures

    Teacher:  Mr. Jankos

    Email:  ajankos@hamilton.k12.nj.us

    Phone number:  609-631-4150 Extension 3415

    Course Description:  The course is designed to teach driver education theory, understanding the automobile, the laws of the road, traffic and highway engineering, insurance, consumer education, detrimental substances, and First Aid.  

    Textbooks:  Driver’s Education Manual and Community Health & Safety



    1st & 2nd Marking Period Grading Weight:

    40% Formative

    50% Summative

    10% Individual Practice

    Types of Formative Assessment 40%

    ·              Observations during in-class activities; of student’s non-verbal feedback during lecture

    ·              Homework exercises as review for exams and class discussions)

    ·              Reflections journals that are reviewed periodically during the semester

    ·              Question and answer sessions, both formal—planned and informal—spontaneous

    ·              Conferences between the instructor and student at various points in the semester

    ·              In-class activities where students informally present their results.

    ·              Student feedback collected by periodically answering specific question about the instruction and their self-evaluation of performance and progress

    Types of Summative Assessment 50%

    ·              Examinations (major, high-stakes exams)

    ·              Final examination (a truly summative assessment)

    ·              Term papers (drafts submitted throughout the semester would be a formative assessment)

    ·              Projects (project phases submitted at various completion points could be formatively assessed)

    ·              Portfolios (could also be assessed during it’s development as a formative assessment)


    ·              Performances

    Individual Practice 10%



    Mr. Jankos

    Health &  PE

    Driver Education- Simulator & BTW

    Head Wrestling Coach


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