Enriched-English Language Arts

    In the E-ELA classes, students will read and analyze different types of text from a wide variety of authors.  This class affords the children the opportunity to research and delve more deeply into the content. They will learn writing strategies that can be used in any subject matter, not just English.  Here, they will become more reflective learners. Many opportunities will be granted to them to reach beyond the classroom and into the community while applying what they have learned. As this is Enriched English/Language Arts, the pacing of the class is at an accelerated rate.

    Curriculum Overview:

    Human Rights

    A Christmas Carol


    Greek Mythology

    Middle Ages

    Mystery/Sherlock Holmes

    Analyzing informational text with "Shark Week" unit


    Writing: Brushstrokes writing techniques


    District Grading Policy: 50% summative, 40% formative, 10% individual practice


    Attention Parents/ Guardians: Please visit your child's PowerSchool portal to view all upcoming due dates for assessments, projects, and homework.



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    reward, safe in the knowledge that someday someone might do

    the same for you.     ~Princess Diana