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    Math Websites
    Link - description
    A+ Math
    Practice math facts
    Math Fact Cafe
    Practice math facts
    First In Math
    Practice math skills - become the Player of the Day!
    Solar Views
    Social Studies
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    Social Studies textbooks
    When accessing this site, use the following information: Username: mvaranyak Password: password
    The Learning Site
    Current Events
    Ben's Guide to U.S. Government
    Kid friendly site about U.S. Government
    Kid's Hangout New Jersey
    Learn all about the great state of NJ!
    Congress for Kids
    Learn about government
    Weekly Reader
    News Magazine
    Tuckerton Seaport and Bayman's Museum
    This is the website for Tuckerton Seaport. The 4th grade will be visiting the Seaport on May 6th.
    Language Arts
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    Scholastic Magazine
    Educational site, Search for leveled books
    Weekly Spelling Words
    Weekly Spelling words, listed by Theme, along with activities for spelling practice
    Suggested books listed by DRA level
    This link will take you to a list of books by DRA level
    Raz Kids
    Online Reading Comprehension Website - Log in using teacher name - kvaranyak Click on your name to read books on your DRA level
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    Planets for Kids
    Nine Planets
    Cool Kid Facts
    Kids Love Rocks
    Kids Astronomy
    This website contains information about the Solar System
    Kidzone (Water Cycle)
    Earthguide (Water cycle)
    Scholastic (Water Cycle)
    Mbgnet (Water Cycle)
    Link - description
    .Fun To Type
    Typing Web
    ABC Ya
    Free Typing Game