I attended Georgian Court University where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology.  I also attended Thomas Edison State University where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  I live at home with my family and Golden Retriever named Max.  I am a certified SCUBA diver and had the opportunity to dive and snorkel in Hawaii, Indonesia, Mexico, Grand Cayman, and New Jersey.  I love being outside and spend a lot of time at the beach and camping!
    Fun Facts About Mrs. Bernhard
    Birthday: December 27th 
    Favorite Treat: Soft pretzels with cheese or mustard
    Favorite Flower: Lilacs
    Favorite Fruit: Raspberries
    Favorite Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip (the green kind!) or chocolate
    Favorite Colors: Purple, green, and blue
    Favorite Sport to Play: Any (I love being outside!)
    Favorite Sports to Watch: Baseball/Hockey/Football
    Favorite Movies:  The Goonies and The Sandlot
    Favorite Author:  Patricia Cornwell
    Favorite Thing to do on a Rainy Day: Read or Sleep
    Favorite Animals: Dog/Dolphin
    Favorite Number: 21 
    Favorite Subject: Science
    Favorite Candy: Hershey's Take 5