When Do We Have Guidance?

  • This is a question I hear daily as I move around the school. Official guidance lessons are held in each grade level once every 4 weeks, alternating with library lessons. I do go into the classrooms and do mini lessons or talks as the need arises but this is in addition to the scheduled "special" lesson. 

    The schedule for when your child has guidance as a special is as follows:

    Week One: Kindergarten and First grades

    K Connell -Tuesday, K Colgan- Wednesday, K Fletcher- Monday

    1 Duford- Tuesday, 1 Tramo- Wednesday, 1 Woods- Tuesday


    Week Two: Second grades

    2 Chell-Wednesday,  2 Coady- Tuesday, 2 Zimmerman- Monday


    Week Three: Third grades and Fourth grades

    3 McClung-Wednesday, 3 Moore- Tuesday

    4 McQueen- Monday,  4 Norton- Wednesday, 4 Tinay- Tuesday


    Week Four: Fifth grades 

    5 Lattin- Monday, 5 Slaboda- Wednesday, 5 Zelenak- Tuesday


    Our self contained classmates join their grade level peers for special.



    Please note that as emergencies, events and other administrative issues arise, lessons are sometimes moved to another day/time. This schedule is a guide only.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.