Birthday Celebration Ideas Without Food

    1. Have a dance party (teachers liked this idea!) bringing in the birthday student’s favorite 3 songs.  Give small disco balls as a gift (sold at the dollar store and at party city)
    2. Celebrate your childs life with pictures, have your child create a montage of funny pictures to share with the class, and do a picture frame craft that kids can take home to display their favorite picture (Oriental trading company has these in groups of 12 for 7.50)
    3. Bring in material to make masks or hats- stickers, pom poms, glitter glue, feathers and construction paper.   Add music and it’s a party!
    4. Bring in white plates for making snow men or colored plates/construction paper to make flowers depending on the season, bulk craft supplies are available at Michaels, AC Moore, and Party City.
    5. Offer a gift to the classroom in honor of your child’s special day.  Ask your teacher what is on his/her wish list (a favorite book, movie, game) and allow the class to enjoy the gift that day.
    6. Bring favors in small baggies (let your child decorate the bags) with light up rings, erasers and pencils of their favorite team, character or time of year, stickers or temporary tattoos (send in a sponge to help with application)  ~all of these can be found at the dollar store- even the bags!
    7. If you really want to bring food, try fruits and veggies in the shape of stars or hearts (made with cookie cutters), fruit kabobs (you can use fun sticks/straws for added color) or yogurt parfaits.   Add a fun dip like yogurt, low fat ranch or sugar free apple sauce as a healthy alternative.  The kids can talk about the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables and the fun of making a healthy snack*