• Here is a list of the materials

    you will need in order to be successful in this 8th grade Honors Math class!

    • 3-ring binder 
    • 5 section dividers 
    • pencils with good erasers
    • red pens
    • (pencil case is highly suggested or a ziplock bag holepunched) 
    • looseleaf lined paper or graph paper
    • Scientific Calculator, such as TI-34, TI-30X, or TI-Mulitview ***
    • Straightedge (such as a ruler or protractor)
    • Geometry students only....you may want to purchase you own personal compass for constructions. This way you will get a better handle of how to work the same one over and over again.  I will supply any student who does not have a compass with a school owned one.

    ALGEBRA and GEOMETRY students will also be exposed to a TI-84 Graphing Calculator. This is a very expensive calculator. I will supply a school owned calculator to all students when needed for homework and class assignments. However, if a student fails to return a school graphing calculator or returns a damaged or written on school calculator he/she will be fined.