• HTSD Summer Math Assignment for Incoming 9th grade Algebra I students

    This assignment is to be completed during the summer and handed into your 9th grade math teacher by the end of the 1st week of school in September 2020.

    Click HERE to access summer assignement 

    Students MUST sign in to their Google Account first then use the link below to check in DAILY

     Please check in Daily with this form 

    New Schedule starting Monday May 4

    • This schedule is flexible for students as they are not “Mandated” to attend classes at these times, but it is strongly encouraged as this is the time that staff will present new material with direct instruction being offered.

    • Instruction via video or live meetings will be recorded, archived and placed on teacher websites or in google classrooms for students who are unable to be present

    • Instruction via video or live meetings will always take place in the first period of the block. The second period of the block is for skill practice, office hours and teacher support.

    • Please note that Monday and Tuesday will be a Day 1 and Wednesday and Thursday will be a Day 2.

    • Teachers, counselors and other support personnel will continue to be available from 10:00 - 2:00 to provide guidance, oversight, and answer questions.

    • WIN DAY: This day is designed to allow staff to provide individualized live follow up lessons and/or small group follow up lessons as necessary for our students. In addition, All IEP & 504 requirements will continue to be followed during WIN Fridays for all students in order to ensure progress towards all Goals and Objectives.

    Day 1 Work - Students will be analyzing graphs and graphing functions -- detailed directions on Google Classroom.  

    Period 2/3 starting at 10:50 Monday - no class this week

    Period 4/5 starting at 12:30 Monday - no class this week

    Period 7/8 starting at 10:50 Tuesday 

    Day 2 Work - Students will be completing Chapter 6 test - summative. 

    Period 2/3 starting at 10:50 Wednesday

    Period 4/5 starting at 12:30 Wednesday

    Period 7/8 starting at 10:50 Thursday