American Literature

A stack of books with the American flag
  • Ms. Migliore's Syllabus 


    This course presents an in-depth focus of the elements of American literature spanning from the 1600’s to the 21st century. Students will explore a variety of literary genres, including novels, short stories, drama, and poetry, as well as primary sources and other informational texts. Research opportunities, vocabulary, grammar, and mechanics are infused within literary study and explored through direct instruction. This course provides an in-depth focus on expository, narrative, and argument writing.


    10% Individual Practice (Comprehension Questions, Worksheets, Homework)

    40% Formative Assessments (Study Guides, Do Now Packets, Quizzes)    

    50% Summative Assessments (Essays, Tests, Projects, Presentations) 


    • Black or blue pens/Pencils
    • Red/purple/green pens
    • Highlighters
    • 3-ring binder 
    • Dividers 
    • Notebook for journal
    • Headphones (to use w/ a computer)  

    Please see me individually if you cannot get any of these materials.


    Each student will be given SIX passes to leave class per marking period. This includes going to the bathroom, the main/attendance offices, another teacher’s room, or to get a drink. Once you have used up your passes, you will not be allowed to leave. You must get your agenda or a pink slip signed to leave. Please do not ask to leave during direct instruction/whole class activities! If you need to go to the nurse, you will use a separate pass.


    Cell phones and other electronic devices (including headphones, earbuds, games) must be put away upon entering the room. You may either check them into the charging station OR put them in your bag. Cell phones, etc. are NOT to be used UNLESS I tell you otherwise.

    NO DEVICES are allowed during a test. If your phone, game, earbuds are out at ANY TIME during a test, your test will be given a zero and a discipline form will be sent to administration per the school policy. There is NO exception.

    If you are using your device without permission, I will ask you to put it away ONCE. After that, I will begin the process outlined in the student handbook. cell phone use.


    This year, all materials for the class will be posted on Google Classroom throughout the year. If you lose a paper or are absent, you can print out any copies you may need (on your own time); this means that I should never hear that you could not complete an assignment because you did not get it. All due dates for assignments/assessments will also be put up on the Google Calendar for the class.  


    1. Be seated and completing the Do Now WHEN THE BELL RINGS. 
    2. If you need to borrow a writing utensil, you must do so before class begins. 
    3. Do not speak during class without raising your hand unless instructed to do so. 
    4. Once the bell rings, do not get out of your seat during class without asking permission first.  
    5. Follow the bathroom/cell phone procedures.