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    During remote learning I will be available for students/parents from 10:00am-2:00pm Monday-Friday  The best way to contact me is via email. I will be putting up daily yoga videos for students along with other guidance material!  See everyone soon :)


    guidance lessons are presented monthly to each classroom. Below is the schedule for the remote learning guidance schedule. 


    week: 3/16-3/20 - 3rd & 4th grade lessons 

    week: 3/23- 3/27- 5th grade lesson 

    week: 3/30- 4/3- K & 2nd grade lessons

    week: 4/6- 4/12- Spring Recess 

    week: 4/13- 4/17- 1st grade lesson

    week: 4/20-4/24- 3rd & 4th grade lessons

    week: 4/27- 5/1- 5th grade lesson

    week: 5/4-5/8- K & 2nd grade lessons

    week:5/11- 5/15- 1st grade lessons

    week:5/18-5/21- 3rd & 4th grade lessons

    week : 5/26- 5/ 29- 5th grade lesson 

    week: 6/1-6/5- K & 2nd grade lessons

    week: 6/8-6/12 - 1st grade lesson




    Welcome to the counseling corner! As a School Counselor I am here to promote postive growth for all students and to assist students in the areas of personal/social development, academic, and carreer awareness.  During the course of the year we will be focusing on a variety of topics such as..


    • Respect
    • Bullying vs. conlflict
    • 6 pillars of character education
    • Friendship
    • Career options
    • Mindfulness 
    • Coping strategies
    • Tattling vs. Reporting 
    • Study Skills
    • Conflict resolution

    In addition to the guidance lesson that are presented monthly, there will be opportunities for your child to attend to individual and group counseling.  Group Cousneling will focus on..

    • Dealing with Anger
    • Dealing with Grief
    • How to handle anxiety and stress
    • Self-esteem 
    • Divorce and blended families 
    • And a Kindergarten morning group


    Some of the other services I provide as a school counselor are..

    • Coordination with the Child Study team and I&RS referrals 
    • Section 504 case management
    • Coordination with outside agencies
    • Crisis-Intervention
    • School wide assemeblies to enhance postive growth and safety for all students





    If you have any futher question, please do not hesitate to contact me. 







    Ms. Jennifer Hill
    Guidance Counselor
    email:  jhill@hamilton.k12.nj.us
    phone:  (609) 631-4154 Ext. 3831