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    Effective MONDAY, May 4th ~ NEW Remote Learning Schedule

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    8th Grade Choir MUST check in EVERY DAY

    6th & 7th Grade Choirs - check in on your appropriate day.  Monday March 16th is DAY 1, Tuesday March 17th is Day 2, etc.

    8th Grade Choir Check In

    7th Grade Choir Day 1 Check In

    7th Grade Choir Day 2 Check In

    6th Grade Choir Day 1 Check In

    6th Grade Choir Day 2 Check In

    Important District Grading Message for Marking Period Three: 

    • All assignments that were completed by March 13th will be graded and counted in a traditional manner. 

    • Any assignment given during our remote learning (past three weeks) in marking period 3 can only serve to enhance a student’s grade; these assignments cannot be detrimental to a student’s grade.  

    • As such, in powerschool for Marking period 3, any remote learning assignment that you see in PURPLE is an assignment that has been “exempted” by the teacher because that grade would be detrimental to the student’s grade.

    Google Classroom Codes:

    All students were invited into their Grade Level's  Google Classroom by Mrs. Yost.  However, if you did not receive an invite, please use the following codes to access your particular grade level.

    6th Grade Chorus:  r5va57d

    7th Grade Chorus: 72x2bx6

    8th Grade Chorus: vrwelmf

    If you should have an issue using Google Classroom, please email Mrs. Yost. 


     Please use the Google Classroom that was created especially for your Grade level.  The assignments will be posted in detail there.  All audio files will be in your classroom's Class Drive.  Of course, every student should take a few minutes in their day to rehearse a song or two from their Grade Level Repertoire located in the Classroom Drive.

    6th Grade Chorus:  

    Pitch (SMART MUSIC) - Lesson 6 Pitch 9 - Due June 3rd

    Rhythm (SMARTMusic) - Lesson 7 Rhythm 3 - Due June 5th

    Culminating Short Song(SMARTMusic) - Song of Joy - Due June 8th

    7th Grade Chorus: 

    Pitch (SMART MUSIC) - Lesson 6 Pitch 9 - Due June 3rd

    Rhythm (SMARTMusic) - Lesson 7 Rhythm 3 - Due June 5th

    Culminating Short Song(SMARTMusic) - Music in the Morning - Due June 8th

    8th Grade Chorus:

    Short Song(SMARTMusic) - Song of Joy - Due June 3rd

    Rhythm (SMART MUSIC) - Lesson 6 Rhtyhm 3 - Due June 5th

    Pitch(SMART MUSIC) - Lesson 6 Pitch 9 - Due June 8th

    Culminating Short Song(SMARTMusic) - Music in the Morning - Due June 12th


     Assessments will be posted and submitted through Google Classroom and SMART Music.


    Contact Information for Mrs. Yost

    Office Hours:  Monday - Friday from 10am to 2pm 

    Please use the email below!

    Let me know if you are having trouble submitting files or using SMART Music.  I will set up a video chat with you to walk you through the process!!! 



    If you are looking for information about our School Musical, please click HERE for a link. 


     Stay Informed!

    Follow the Choirs on Twitter - @ReynoldsChoir

    Remind:  Text Your Class Code to 81010  ~  

    6th-@6rmschoir      7th-@7rmschoir     8th-@8rmschoir


     Course Description:

    • To experience and gain an understanding of all genres of music
    • To understand and use music vocabulary
    • To create musicianship, individually and as a group
    • To experience and participate in many different styles of music and sing music of various cultures
    • To prepare and perform at various venues

    Grading Protocol:

    • Summative: 50% Performances, Projects
    • Formative: 40% Class work, Quizzes, Musical Assessments (Pitch, Dynamics, Intonation, etc.)
    • Individual practice: 10% Participation