• Check In

    Week of June 15 . . . Last Week of School

    Remote Learning Schedule


    1.  Flipgrid - record a summer message for you classmates.

    2. Summer Reading - explore the links to find interesting books to read.

    3. Reflection - time to appreciate your accomplishments - It's on to seventh!

    4. Virtual Yearbook signing - participate in a school-wide activity 


    Important Grading Message for Marking Period FOUR: 

    This is our new and improved grading policy for remote learning. All Independent Practice tasks will be marked as COLLECTED or MISSING. At the end of the marking period, ONE GRADE will be placed in Independent Practice (10%) to be averaged with Formative (40%) and Summative (50%) entries. For ELA, ALL formative and summative assignments may be redone/resubmitted unitl desired grade is achieved. Email me for assistance with assignments. MY GOAL IS TO HAVE THE STUDENTS ACHIEVE AND PROGRESS TOWARD MASTERY.