Welcome to Math



    Welcome to the 2019 - 2020 School Year!!

    I'm looking forward to a great school year!


    This year we will be learning techniques to help build and strengthen our math skills.


    6th grade math: We will be learning about rounding whole numbers and decimals,and adding,subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers and fractions, graphing, data analysis  and geometry.


     7th grade math: We will be learning about adding, subtracting, multiplying,and dividing decimals and fractions, graphing integers, data analysis,geometry, and solving algebraic expressions. 


    8th grade math: We wil be learing about adding, subtracting,multiplying  and dividing decimals and fractions, graphing, integers, percents, geometry, and solving two step algebraic expressions.


    Attention Parents/Guardians:

    Please visit your child's Powerschool Portal to view all upcoming due dates for assesments, projects, and  homework. All grades are posted on the parent  portal.  Report Cards are no longer mailed and will be posted on parent portal.

    Grading Policy:

    50% Summative: Tests and Projects 

    40% Formative: Quizzes and classwork 

    10% Independent: Homework, Journal, behavior and participation.


    Contact Information: 

    If at any time you have any questions please feel free to contact me at jrunyon@hamilton.k12.nj.us   


    Week of January 20th - 24th

    Monday - School Closed