Beginning Next Week May 18th The Routine For Meet will be different. Please request a Meet Chat during our scheduled class time below or any other time. The purpose of this is to help just you with specific difficulties.  Just email me what time and day is convenient for you. I will respond and verify that the time is good. You will continue to click on the MEET link found in the Google classroom heading. Remember I have it shut off and I turn it on for the time requested. My video lesson will be available for the weekly assignment as well as other instructional videos.

    New Schedule as of May 4th



    Regarding Zeros/Incompletes for Independent Practice**        No student will receive a zero for ongoing independent practice, nor will a zero be put in Powerschool. Teachers will mark ongoing independent practice activities as "C" for collected or "M" for missing. At the close of the marking period, the teacher will enter a final "independent practice" grade based on all of the individual tasks that were assigned and completed by students. We appreciate your continued support during this time.

    FRIDAY WIN DAY:  Reach out to me in an email and or to request a Google Hangout for questions/help about current or past assignments. No classes Friday May 22 and Monday May 25

    Attention some  new 6th grade students:  If you have not joined my Google Classroom, my code to join is: 3xnjrl7. ****Students: You're doing GREAT!  Keep up the good work and continue sending questions via email or comments in assignments! tobduski-giordano@hamilton.k12.nj.us

    • If you have not submitted any work look in archived lessons above for the past daily instruction.

    **********Remember to log in to Google Classroom for specific assignment details, steps, videos, rubrics, instructions, worksheets etc.. on all assignments.  Each weeks new lessons are posted on top.  Be sure to keep all classwork together and turn in assignments when they are due :-) I will accept late work.  Please check your grades for the fourth marking period in Power School.

      How To Hand IN Completed Assignments:  Once you joined the teacher’s classroom, click into the assignment given (for example: “fall scene” assignment) then top right area is a box either +Add or Create > click Add then go to your Drive and find your work (for example: the google drawing you did for the fall scene) click on your work and click the “turn in” button > a pop up asks you to “turn in” again > click on the words “turn in” and that should go through.  Watching this video helps too!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcA0Epv8CIk

    All Classes - Week of June 15 -16 - Catch up on assignments and email me that you turned a lesson in- Due June 16 by 11:30 AM- no assignments June 17

    Applied Technology Grade 6 Week of June 8-June 16

    Cereal Box Design CONTINUED: 

    Objective: CREATE Slide Three ONLY for your unique cereal box design. - Open a new Google Slide Project -use Google Slide Techniques to create the BACK of the cereal box- you may include games, fun facts, promotion (selling feature) etc. Continue with the Graphic Arts techniques that are found on Slide One that you turned in last week. Remember your choices influence the targeted Consumer to come back to buy more. Due June 12th for a Summative Grade- Please read the instructions found on the first link- Copy of Cereal Box Google Docs and read Slide 3. If you need to again (for Google Slide techniques) watch my video lesson which is the second link. Look at the last link for my unique back of the cereal box example. Read and use Tips for Google Slide Projects if still needed.

    Grade 7 Art:  Week of June 8-June 16

    Instructions:  Watch my video lesson first then -Open a Google Doc.  Title it :  Insert Your Name Remote Learning Answers.   Objective:  Answer the Remote Learning Survey with one or two sentences.  Make sure that each answer has the number of the question in front of it.  You do not have to type the questions.  Last assignment, turn in May 12th for an Individual Practice Grade.

    Grade 8 Art:  Week of June 8 -June 16

    Instructions:  Watch my video lesson first then the two videos below. INSTRUCTIONS: 1.) Open a new google doc and title it : My Opinion Matters by : TYPE YOUR NAME .  Objective:  Even though you may not be pursuing a career in the Arts , answer the following questions on the My Opinion Matters Doc. 2.) Which video did you like more? 3.) Why? 4.) Which advise did you find important and why? What advise could be beneficial for your future endeavors? This should be 5 sentences long for an individual practice grade due June 12th.

    CHECK THIS OUT! "Art is my superpower" -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJTipxmZuqA  Chelsea delivered 1500 Art Kits to children who suffer hardships during the pandemic.  https://www.foxnews.com/us/coronavirus-girl-art-kits-connecticut-good