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    Archive Plans Weeks (1-8)





     WEEK 11 - June 1-5

    Monday - June 1 or 2

    Day 1: Monday/Tuesday  (Day 5 of Myth project)

     Objective #1: Final edits day for Myth project: Proofread, Revise, Edit, and make sure ALL slides are complete (#s 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7) Decorate, borders, different styles of font......make sure you have a "polished" final product. 

    Objective #2: Use directions in classroom Google slides, submit final work. This will receive a SUMMATIVE grade!

    Day 2: Wednesday/Thursday  (Aware because we Care Fish slide AND Remote Learning Journal Project)

    Objective #1: In Google classroom, locate Fish slides. 

    Objective #2: On one of the colorful fish, delete the word "replace" and add an original word that represents our Reynolds UNITY.

    Objective #3: In Google classroom, go back to your Remote Learning Journal where you reflected on the pandemic through entries regarding your thoughts, feelings, and activities during this time period.

    Objective #4: Create a word list of 30 terms to best describe/illustrate this historic event. Place them in proper spaces in slide provided in Student Work.

    Quote of the Week: "The things that come to those that wait may be the ones left by those that got there first."

    ~Steven Tyler, lead singer, Aerosmith


    Week 12  June 8-12

    Day 1: June 8-9

    Objective #1: Review Back to the Future Learning Slides, making sure your 30-term word list is complete with 8 nouns, 8 verbs, 8 adjectives, and 4 extra of any part of speech. 

    Objective #2: Watch video on slide 3 of Learning slides on how to create a "WordArt" collage. Create and upload collage on slide 3 of Student Work slides.

    Objective #3: Review slide 4 of Learning slides and create a poster with a minimum of 10 images to go along with your WordArt collage. Upload onto slide 4 of Student Work slides.


    Day 2: June 10-11

    Objective #1: Review Back to the Future Learning slides, making sure word list, WordArt collage, AND image poster are ALL complete and loaded on your Student Work slides.

    Objective #2: Reread direction on Learning slide 5, about a final message to your "peeps" and find a quote, song lyric, poem, or create your own final inspirational message to celebrate your LAST DAY  as a 7th grader!  Load onto slide 5 of Learning slides! Be ready to share with your class!

    Quote of the Week: "The world tomorrow will belong to those who brought it the greatest hope."

    ~Teilhard deChardin, French philosopher, Jesuit priest, paleontologist, geologist


     Week 13  June 15-17

    Monday, June 15

    Objective #1: Pds. 1/2 will GoogleMeet at assigned time to share Back to the Future slides, and discuss (if needed) final grade.

    Tuesday, June 16

    Objective #1: Pds. 5/6 and Pds. 8/9 will GoogleMeet at assigned time to share Back to the Future slides, and discuss (if needed) final grade.

    Quote of the Week: Don't count the days. Make the days count.