• Welcome to Mrs. Askwith’s 7th Grade Social Studies Course Syllabus

    What you will be learning about in Social Studies this year 

    The year you will learn about world geography focusing on the Eastern Hemisphere, specifically covering the continents of Asia and Africa. We will be exploring the culture, history, religions, and geography of these regions. This will be done through a variety of techniques including varying grouping strategies and engaging activities. We will make maps out of play dough, listen to music from the regions we study, create large and small replicas and maps, and constant apply different technologies and online resources to further our understanding of the world. This class is very interactive and involves “hands on” engagement in the content.

    Semester Based Social Studies / Science

    Social Studies and Science split the year into semesters that include 2 full consecutive marking periods. Class will be every day for 80 minute blocks that will be covering a full year’s content in a semester rather than a full school year. Students will switch at the end of the semester and start Science the second half of the year.  

    The supplies you will need for this class

      1. Pencil Box with your name on it including pens, and crayons or colored pencils
      2. Earbuds with a wire  (no wireless) in a plastic bag or case
      3. Disinfecting wipes OR tissues OR paper towel roll

    *All other supplies will be provided in class and primarily kept in class. Students will receive 5 points for bringing the supplies listed above to class by the end of the first FULL week of school.  

    Powerschool is the best way to keep track of assignments and due dates. Students will receive study guides and other helpful information about upcoming tests and projects in class to prepare them. Both Students and Parents should have access to Powerschool.

    How to contact the teacher

    E-mail: aaskwith@hamilton.k12.nj.us

    Website:  www.hamilton.k12.nj.us , Select Our Teachers and then select the teacher’s name.


    This textbook is a great supplemental resource for students and their families. It will read the chapters out loud, provide videos to watch, and mapping games to play. Each student will register for an access code in the beginning of the semester. This code will allow them access to the textbook online and everything that goes with it, including graphic novels, practice quizzes, and current event websites that are monitored by the publishing company Glencoe/ McGrawhill. 

    While the textbooks do have wonderful resources available online that go beyond the paperback version, it is not mandatory for each student to have their own physical copy of the book. Having said that, if you would prefer to have a hard copy to keep at home please have the student ask for one and I will provide them with a copy.  For more information about how to access the book online and the other resources that the class will be using based on the book please visit my website. There will be a tab designated for the textbook and information about how to navigate through the textbook website: connected.mcgraw-hill.com.   

    Grade Breakdown

    50 %:  Summative: Large projects and end of unit tests, at least 3 in a marking period 

    40 %:  Formative: Small projects and quizzes, at least 5 in a marking period  

    10 %:  Individual Practice: Homework and classwork 

    There are so many great, new things to learning this year! I cannot wait to get started!